@ducksofshs: Follow for a Quack!


Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

Have you ever pondered what the life of an average duck living in the SHS brook might be like? I know I have. The lives of the mallards seem intriguing, and I just wish I could get a closer look at them without contracting rabies. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that part anymore – not the rabies part – the part about seeing the life of an average mallard in our own community.

With a whopping 96 followers, the Instagram account @ducksofshs can provide any duck connoisseur with updates on the beloved SHS mallards, or other ducks in the area, or the world, considering they take submissions of duck photos from fans. If you, a Scarsdale student, travel abroad and notice paddling ducks, you can take pictures and submit them to be featured on the account. In addition, the account features relevant duck photos of your favorite celebrities, including Raini Rodriguez and Pete Davidson. Sometimes, for special occasions, they may even post pictures of ducks that are relevant to the day’s practices.

The account is led by 3 students who would like to remain anonymous, in hopes that they can live normal lives at SHS while maintaining their fan base. The account was started “after noticing how cute and unappreciated [the ducks] were one day while at the brook,” remarked one of the owners. Their passion for ducks drove them to devote their time to providing an inside peek into the lives of the overlooked creatures.

The account isn’t all fun and games, though. The ducks can use their fame to send important messages to the SHS community. “We posted a picture of the book Duck for President on Election Day in support of people going out to the polls,” explained the same owner.

In the near future, the owners of the account hope to begin a club to raise funds and support in an effort to clean and reduce the brook’s pollution. They have begun to notice that, in light of the brook’s contamination, ducks can no longer be found at the brook very often. This is worrisome to the owners as last year flocks of ducklings could be found swimming in the brook on any nice day of the year, no matter the season. If you care about the wellbeing of both the SHS student and mallard communities, follow @ducksofshs and look out for their club next year!