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As a high school student living through the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have experienced loss in one or more areas of your life. Ariel Weinsaft is working to study this as a part of an outside-of-school science research project. Keep reading to learn more!

Student Survey: Effects of COVID-19 on the High School Experience

Ariel Weinsaft October 29, 2020

The following is from Ariel Weinsaft, current senior at Scarsdale High School, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Maroon, regarding an independent, outside-of-school, science research project. Please note that...

Live TV is a staple of American culture that has struggled to continue during the pandemic.

Live TV Makes a Return after Coronavirus Turmoil

Ben Spitalny October 29, 2020

As the world continues to adapt to life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, live TV shows and reality competition shows such as America’s Got Talent, the Late Late Show, and the Emmys are figuring out how...

Students who are not of voting age still have numerous opportunities to engage in the election process.

No Vote, No Problem: How To Get Involved In The Election

Katherine Shi October 28, 2020

Though a year of misfortune after misfortune, 2020 has also been a year of mass sociopolitical change. From the beginning of May until this day, youth all around the globe have been working collectively...

Over the summer, many students used Instagram to start clubs and stay connected with others. Students for BIPOC, Scarsdale Political Unity Club, and the SHS Improv Club are some examples of these.

Students Take to Instagram to Create New Clubs

Lilac Lin October 28, 2020

Over the summer during quarantine, many students used Instagram to start new organizations or to publicize an existing club from the comfort of their homes. As the pandemic disrupts our daily routines,...

The perspective of a completely virtual student while streaming into classes.

Virtual Students Give SHS Its Own Q1 Progress Report

Chelsea Berson October 27, 2020

Progress reports are sent out so that students have the feedback necessary to reflect on the year so far and improve for the future. As students find them helpful for these reasons, Scarsdale High School...

AltruPrep’s website,, features different packages that students can sign up for to purchase practice tests!

AltruPrep: Test Prep For A Good Cause

Lilac Lin October 14, 2020

AltruPrep is a new fundraising organization that creates practice tests to help students improve their test-taking skills. Named for its two goals, altruism and test preparation, Altruprep aims to help...

Results of the freshman class government election are released and members discuss future goals. Left is vice president Abby Underweiser and right is president Ian Zhou

Classified: Freshmen Government is…

Sydney Piccoli October 13, 2020

As Americans immerse themselves in the world of democracy and elections, Scarsdale High School ninth-graders have spent weeks methodically planning their campaigns for Freshmen Government and outreaching...

Emmanuelle Rivera, Richard Diefenbach, and Tess Hall all joined the SHS community this year.

SHS Welcomes 3 More New Teachers

Riddha Iyengar, Eve Rich, and Ebonie Kibalya October 5, 2020

As the seasons shift from a summer plagued with change and adaptation to fall, Scarsdale High School has begun to welcome students back into its familiar halls and virtual classes. The new school year...

Scarsdale resident and SHS parent, Dr. John Boockvar, pictured first from the left, is the Vice Chair of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. He co-stars in the new Netflix documentary-series

Scarsdale’s Own Dr. John Boockvar Co-Stars in Netflix Docu-series Lenox Hill

Natalie Schonfeld September 13, 2020

Has COVID got you down? Feeling the need for a binge-worthy TV show? Are you tired of watching The Kissing Booth 2? Then Netflix’s newest hit Lenox Hill is perfect for you. This new series follows four...

Teachers express their opinions on the merits and demerits of hybrid learning.

To Go or Not to Go (to School): Teachers Edition

Alicia Xin and Katherine Shi September 8, 2020

In early August, Scarsdale High School released an email about potential plans for school reopening. They announced two options: hybrid learning, which is a combination of both remote and in-person learning;...

The stand on the Brite Avenue Tennis Courts designed by Michelle Foligno

Take a Book, Leave a Book: Book Kiosks in Scarsdale

Alicia Xin and Katherine Shi September 3, 2020

Across Scarsdale parks, rising senior Danielle Kohn ’21 has installed vibrant book kiosks. The idea behind it is to give residents of the Scarsdale community an outlet to share their love of literature...

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