A Manifestation of Teamwork: SHS Boys Varsity Soccer Team Wins NY State Class AA Championship



The SHS Boys Varsity Soccer Team won the NY State Class AA Championship for the first time in school history.

James Liu, Writer


Coach Marcos chose the word “poised” to describe Scarsdale’s soccer team this year, and the team’s perfect record suggests the word is truly accurate.

On Sunday, November 13, the SHS boys varsity soccer team faced off against McQuaid Jesuit at ​​Middletown High School. In a 2-0 shutout victory, Scarsdale won the New York State Class AA Championship, the perfect way to end their 21-0 season. This win is the first-ever state championship won by a Scarsdale boys varsity soccer team.

Like Scarsdale, McQuaid Jesuit had also been undefeated for the season. On top of that, being a private school, they are able to recruit players to their team. However, Scarsdale was unfazed. “The boys were loose and they played really well together… in every aspect,” said Coach Marcos Monteagudo.

As the players bonded throughout the season, Scarsdale climbed the ranks from fourth in the section to third in the nation. To many players, winning the championship meant far more than just bringing home a trophy, it proved that their hard work, sweat, and tireless efforts were worthwhile. “I felt really relieved, it was so relaxing to end the season on such a great note finally,” said Nico Galeano ’23, a captain of the team.

Though the players each demonstrated immense individual talent, the bond that formed between them in such a short period of time was even more impressive. “The connection that we formed was a big factor in our win. There are a couple of siblings on the team like Lorenzo and I and Toby and Leo, but the other players are like brothers to us too. We just know each other so well,” remarked Galeano.

During their COVID season, they had one team dinner in total, but this season, the team bonded over a weekly Friday night dinner. “All of that really helped build a lot of chemistry, which was reflected on the field,” explained Galeano. Many players on the team also play for a year-round club soccer team outside of school. “Playing for Scarsdale, there is a lot more honor and ownership because you are representing your school and your classmates,” said David Wang ’23. The support from the bleachers has played a big role in the team’s win, no doubt.

“We knew we had the potential to do extraordinary things this year, I just didn’t think we were going to go undefeated,” said Coach Marcos. Scarsdale’s vigilant and humble attitude for every game and not treating a single opponent lightly prepared them for greatness. They put their best foot forward in every match and are left with a record that most other teams could only dream of earning.