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Guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn:

If you are like me, every once in awhile you feel the need to drop what you are doing, and spend the day in completely unfamiliar, uncharted territory. Granted, such a feat is quite difficult amidst the long SHS student’s average to-do list of research papers, standardized test prep, studying, and textbook readings, but nevertheless, sometimes it’s just essential as a study break  fun. So, where is a typical Scarsdale meant to go on a random Sunday before an upcoming busy school week? While you could easily venture into equivalent towns in the county for a simple activity (like Rye, Bronxville, etc), I would highly suggest being a bit more unconventional and heading to Brooklyn.

Now, to be clear here, I am NOT talking about going to Smorgasburg or spending the afternoon in Williamsburg. And while I do love spending time in Manhattan, today’s post is all about wandering through Greenpoint, Williamsburg’s hipper, quieter, older sister, if you will.



Just like Manhattan, Greenpoint is flooded with hundreds of innovative and creative restaurants, offering an impressively wide range of cuisines. A signature thought of this Brooklyn borough is the beautiful outdoor gardens most restaurants feature as a place to eat. What would be considered a rarity back in Scarsdale is pretty much the standard in Greenpoint, as most hostesses will immediately offer you the choice of sitting inside, or, following her to the back of the restaurant to enjoy a meal al fresco. I definitely urge you to go with the latter, especially on a warm, breezy summer afternoon. Because, according to Brooklyn-ites, sitting outside in the front of the restaurant is so passé.

Hummus Market: 361 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

Hummus Market is the epitome of a Greenpoint eatery. It’s small, quaint, and charming, but the food is exceptional and hardly small in any respective aspect. As hummus and mediterranean food become ever more trendy (I say hummus is the new kale), this place has everything you could ever want to satisfy your middle-eastern cravings

Top picks: Hummus Bowl with shallots and rosemary, Farm Veg. Cakes, and Market Meze Plate


While you are in Greenpoint, to get the full “experience”, you’ll probably find yourself wandering around the dozens of shops and cute boutiques in the area. However, don’t be tempted to stray from the neighborhood’s finest: Vintage Stores!!! YAY!!! If you’ve never been vintage shopping or to a thrift store, it may be daunting to forgo the experience and head to a reliable chain store you could find anywhere in westchester (I’m looking at you, Urban Outfitters). Nonetheless, going vintage shopping with a friend can be such a fun experience, so, I say you go for it and seek out as many hidden treasures you can find. Optional: listening to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore while you do so.

Awoke Vintage: 688 Manhattan Ave

Awoke Vintage is definitely one of my Brooklyn favorites. Unlike some other vintage stores that are multi-floored and a bit overwhelming, Awoke Vintage is small and artfully crafted, with each piece carefully selected. Not only is this great for finding great pieces, but true to the Greenpoint aesthetic, the owners and staff show that they truly care for each thing they have in the store, and that nothing is there for no reason. Upon walking in, there is usually a rack of colorful sale items outside the store, which can feature sunglasses for $10 or t-shirts for $5. Once you enter through, the beautiful display of jewelry, shoes, and clothing display will have you instantly filling up a fitting room. Genuine Levi’s cutoffs from the 90’s? Check. Lace-up top from the 60’s? Check. Everything you need at an enviable bargain? Check!


My final suggestion for a day spent in Greenpoint is to soak up some sunshine in a park and revel in the greenery the neighborhood has to offer. Greenpoint is filled great parks and green spaces where you can sit, relax, and people watch as well. With a vast range of people to observe, from moms and toddlers to quirky millennials, and everyone in between, I often find myself spending far too much time watching and de-stressing what I call “Manhattan’s backyard”.

Transmitter Park: Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

Transmitter Park really is a great spot. Rain or shine, cold or warm, there always seems to be a pleasant crowd of locals spending time here. And really, who could blame them? With vast amounts of grass to sit, talk, or even nap (no judgements), this park pretty much sums of Greenpoint: a laid-back, fun environment that is a more suburban Manhattan, yet more urban Westchester. Also a highlight of this park is the stunning skyline that you can observe while reading or relaxing on a bench. With all the essential aspects of what a park really needs, and without the chaotic crowd or hectic tourists, this park sure puts Central Park to shame.

Let me know in the comments below if you have gone to these places or intend on going there now!!

by Lizzie LeBoyer