The Era of Success: Taylor’s Version


Maroon Staff

Whether someone’s a Swiftie or not, Taylor Swift’s Era Tour will be marked down as one to remember.

Elliot Eisenberg

As the clock struck midnight on October 21st, Taylor Swift’s album Midnights was released to the public. Shattering Spotify records, it quickly climbed to win records and sell millions of copies. In the first week of being released, Midnights took all ten spots on Billboard’s Hot 10. Every. Single. Spot. Never before have the top ten places all belonged to the same artist. “I thought that was so cool and really well deserved, especially after everything she’s been through,” said Jessica Greco ’25. People who aren’t even regular listeners have been impressed too. “I think her songs are good enough to do that. She’s very talented,” stated Kei Hornbach ’26.

However, the week’s most exciting news was the announcement of Swift’s next tour. “The Eras Tour” and it will play across the country starting in Glendale, and then making its way around to cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more. The last time Swift toured was for “Reputation” back in 2018. Fans are very excited to see what she will bring this time and are already buying up tickets through presale. “It is competitive. You have all these Swifties who are gatekeeping tickets and people on Tik Tok posted tests you have to do in order to go,” Greco explained. These tests include naming obscure songs by Swift or fun facts about her life. The opening acts for “The Eras Tour” include some pretty well-known artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Haim. According to Swift, this tour will be “a journey through the musical eras of my career (past & present!).” From the highly-intense ticket pre-ordering to the wide range of albums Swift plans to play, whether someone’s a Swiftie or not, this concert will be marked down as one to remember.