Student Spotlight: Janmariz Deguia


Janmariz Deguia ’22 has followed her passions during her high school career.

During her time at SHS before starting senior options just weeks ago, Janmariz Deguia ’22 has followed her passions. During her time at SHS, Deguia has founded a mental health nonprofit organization, played a large role in the SHS drama club, played a role in multiple other nonprofits, and managed the GLOW club, while also participating in other activism and involvement. Deguia is working at Sandbox Theatre in Mamaroneck for her senior options, where she runs rehearsals and teaches, in addition to doing general office work. Deguia is directing the SHS senior class play, which she is really enjoying. She is scheduled to graduate from SHS next month.

The mental health nonprofit that Deguia founded is called Project Calendula. “It is a mental health, youth led initiative focused on education and advocacy. We do a lot of our work online. We have an entire website where we highlight advocacy guides, how people can get involved in the movement or all the facts and statistics on mental illnesses or just blog posts about anything relating to wellness,” Deguia said. Mental health advocacy is among Deguia’s biggest passions.

When asked about what drives her to be so involved, Deguia credited telling her own stories and uplifting others to do the same. “All I’m doing is sharing my side, so other people can gain more perspectives… Probably the hardest part is getting the confidence to speak up. And it’s something that people can get used to over time.,” Deguia said. “I encourage everyone to get involved in something that they’re passionate in. Because honestly, it’s so fun. It’s so rewarding and you’re doing something good for the world,” Deguia added.