Is Claudia Conway the New Face of Gen-Z’s Rebellion?


Maroon Staff

In a time of political tension, everyone looks toward the media to shed light on what is to come. Amid a seemingly never-ending pandemic, earlier last month, the news that COVID-19 has reached The White House hit. On October 2nd, pollster and presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway made a statement on Twitter that she had contracted the virus. Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway, had already broken the news hours prior in a Tik Tok post. 

The announcement Claudia made about her mother was not the first time she has made national headlines. Back in June, the high schooler began to gain a huge following on social media, primarily Tiktok, after announcing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and publicly criticizing the President, creating unavoidable tension between the teen and her notably right-wing parents. Both Kellyanne and her husband, George Conway, took a step back from their political roles in August when Claudia made claims that she was filing for emancipation. She has since amassed over 1.4 million followers on Tiktok and seems to be becoming an icon for Gen-Z rebellion as she continues to speak out on her leftist views, mental health, and struggles with her parents. 

Claudia became an even bigger news topic when she made claims about the COVID-19 status of both Kellyanne Conway and President Trump. Claudia posted videos about Kellyanne lying to her about a positive test, along with a comment regarding President Trump that read he is “literally not okay.” Claudia denied being a “whistleblower” for her generation, which had become a label for her during the media frenzy. Now, people are beginning to question whether the teenage rebel’s social media posts are worth national concern. 

The world of Claudia Conway is intriguing to journalists because of the power her last name holds: her mother is a loyal Trump supporter, while her father is actively working to get Trump out of office. Is the media justified in reporting on Claudia’s teenage rebellion just because of who her parents are? “For her to be so outspoken like that is astonishing… I respect it, it must take a lot of strength. She is well educated on the issues [she talks about], which is amazing so I think she does a good job representing Gen-Z,” said Janmariz Deguia ’22. 

In the end, Claudia Conway is a teenage girl who should not be looked upon for news on national politics. As Claudia Conway mentioned herself in a statement to the media, she is “simply a fifteen-year-old girl with bad luck when it comes to media coverage.”