Humans of Scarsdale: Adam Katcher


Adam Katcher

Adam Katcher’s novel has been sold across six nations and four continents.

This past summer, Junior Adam Katcher released his debut novel, “2035”. The book is about a high-schooler who gets drafted into World War III on behalf of the British and winds up across the world in battle. The most important part of the novel, though, is the important bonds the former student forms while at war. Katcher has always had a passion for creative writing, and this past spring’s quarantine gave him the perfect opportunity to jumpstart his writing career. 

While Katcher had no particular inspiration to write his novel, once he put his idea onto paper he could not stop writing. “The night I started writing it, I was up at midnight and restless. I opened up my laptop and spontaneously typed out a paragraph that I thought would make for a good premise for a novel,” said Katcher. “From there, I returned to the document every night, and what was once a brief paragraph turned into thousands upon thousands of words,” he added. 

The process of writing the novel itself took around two and a half months, and it turned out that the process was not as tedious as he anticipated. According to Katcher, the self-editing turned out to be the most time-consuming part of the whole process, which ended up taking him approximately five months. After finishing the editing process, Katcher came to the conclusion that self-publishing was the best method of publishing, rather than seeking out representation and a publishing company. Not only are many publishing companies closed right now as a result of the pandemic, but also going the self-publishing route enables the writer to have full control of the future of their work. Self-publishing has turned out to work well for Katcher, as he has sold dozens of books across six countries and four continents. 

Aside from writing, Katcher has a passion for watching and playing soccer. Katcher spends a lot of time working on his soccer writing blog that follows his favorite English team, Watford, and he maintains a website that posts full-length articles on the team frequently. 

In terms of writing novels, Katcher did not anticipate he would get this far in the process, and ultimately publishing his novel. With that being said, he has put thought into writing a second novel, which he started a couple of months ago. “A future in writing is for sure something I’d be open to pursuing,” noted Katcher. “However, no matter the occupation one might have, writing is still a fantastic tool to have,” he concluded.