Parades of Scarsdale Teachers Deliver Surprises and Smiles to the class of 2020

Scarsdale High School teachers cheering on the class of 2020 from a distance.

Ariel Weinsaft and Leah Breakstone

May 11, 2020

Scarsdale High School teachers have been extremely sympathetic and supportive to the whole community, specifically Seniors during this unprecedented time. Last Thursday, groups of teachers paraded around the streets of Scarsdale, serenading each Senior at their homes, and placing a sign on each of their...

Anti-Stay at Home Protests Gain Momentum

Anti-stay at home protests are popping up across the US.

Alicia Xin

May 8, 2020

Throughout the United States, there have been protests in opposition to the state lockdowns. On April 24, several thousand Americans gathered outside the Wisconsin State Capitol building. They toted signs with slogans such as “Free Wisconsin now!” and “Give me liberty or give me COVID 19!”. Few pr...

The Start of the Fall Semester for Colleges is a Big Question Mark

No one is sure what the fall will bring with the pandemic continuing.

Hyunjin Lee

May 7, 2020

The future has always been uncertain, but it is now more so than ever in this pandemic-ridden world. This is especially true for students facing monumental changes in the fall, such as seniors in high school going off to college. With no clear end in sight for the virus, universities have started consi...

Scarsdale Forced to Rework School Budget in Light of Economic Downfall from COVID-19

Butler Field will not receive the sound system that was planned for in the budget.

Natalie Schonfeld

May 6, 2020

You may be tired of quarantine and sad you cannot see your friends, go out to eat, or even go to the park. All of Scarsdale High School has lost typical spring rituals including spring sports, theater productions, outdoor lunches, and social engagements. SHS seniors have arguably lost the most, includi...

A Check-In with our Mental Health Professionals

A heartfelt and inspiring message from the SHS Support Staff.

Hannah Wang and Alicia Xin

April 28, 2020

It has been almost two months since Scarsdale Schools closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There has been a great deal of confusion and distress during this time, so we had a conversation with our two school psychologists, Dr. Peter Faustino and Dr. Jennifer Walker. In this interview, we discussed to...

The Impact of Extended School Closures

Distance learning continues to educate and connect students and teachers during the pandemic.

Katherine Shi

April 26, 2020

Last Thursday on April 16th, Governor Cuomo announced that all of New York State pause functions, including the closing of schools, would continue until May 15th, 2020.  “We are extending all NYS on Pause functions until May 15th in coordination with other states in our multi-state council beca...

A Sweet Thanks

Alexandra Simon '23 makes baked goods for local businesses to thank them for staying open.

Alicia Xin

April 23, 2020

Many small businesses around Scarsdale have continued to open their shops during the Coronavirus pandemic. To show her gratitude, Alexandra Simon ‘23 is baking goods and delivering them to local businesses. “It’s been really nice that when we go out to the store, there’s food there and people...

Creative Photography Club Presents ‘Quarantine in Photos’

An essential worker stacking the shelves as shoppers lurk through the aisles.

April 22, 2020

Written and contributed by the Creative Photography Club. We never thought that the pandemic would finally creep up to us and enter our hometown. We never thought that we would need to stay in our homes and isolate ourselves from the rest of society, leaving us alone with our own thoughts for the...

Trump Halts Funding to World Health Organization

At a recent press briefing, President Trump announced his administration will be halting all the funds going to the World Health Organization.

Ben Spitalny

April 21, 2020

At a recent press briefing, President Trump announced his administration will be halting all the funds going to the World Health Organization. The W.H.O. is a United Nations agency tasked with ensuring global public health. Some of their current responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic include t...

Coronavirus vs. The Spanish Flu

While both Influenza and COVID-19 are respiratory diseases with common symptoms, the two are still quite different.

Hannah Wang

April 17, 2020

As COVID-19 becomes an extremely important aspect of our lives, we have started to compare it to other epidemics and pandemics. One such deadly disease was the 1918 Influenza pandemic, more commonly known as the Spanish flu, which infected 500 million people from 1918 to 1920. While both Influenza a...

Governor Andrew Cuomo: A Leader During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a prominent leader to both New York and the United States.

Sam Siegel

April 16, 2020

COVID-19 has greatly impacted our worldwide community. The death toll has climbed to over 58,000, and there have been over one million cases confirmed globally. Over the past week, the United States has emerged as the country with the most cases; approximately 273,000 confirmed cases. In these times...

SHS Juniors Host NBA Tournament to Raise Money for COVID-19

In an attempt to support White Plains Hospital, SHS Juniors Noah Weber and Max Roth recently launched an NBA 2k20 video game tournament. The tournament is open to both Xbox and PS4 and will be in the format of 5v5 team matchups. Teams can be any NBA team they desire, and the tournament is round-robin, followed by single-elimination.

Sam Siegel

April 15, 2020

Despite the damage COVID-19 has inflicted on millions of people globally, the Scarsdale community has taken a strong stance to aid the crisis. Within our local community, SHS students have been promoting coronavirus relief through charities and fundraisers. In an attempt to support White Plains Hospita...

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