A Sweet Thanks


Alexandra Simon '23

Alexandra Simon '23 makes baked goods for local businesses to thank them for staying open.

Many small businesses around Scarsdale have continued to open their shops during the Coronavirus pandemic. To show her gratitude, Alexandra Simon ‘23 is baking goods and delivering them to local businesses. “It’s been really nice that when we go out to the store, there’s food there and people working there, so we thought it would be a good way to give back and say thanks for staying open during these hard times,” she remarked. “I baked some cupcakes and it’s really just a sweet, simple thing to do that made their day.”

So far, they’ve delivered to the fire and police stations, North End Meats, Eastchester Fish Market, and Hutchinson Farms. She plans to bake blueberry muffins and banana bread this weekend for another round of deliveries. Simon ‘23 gives the baked goods away in person with her family, though they stay cautious and wear protective gear such as masks and gloves. It’s been worth it to see the employees’ reactions. “They were kind of shocked. It was probably the first recognition they’ve had that they’re also doing something important, […] so they were really thankful,” she says. 

It’s important to recognize the sacrifice of the employees, police officers, and firefighters who continue to show up at work, despite the pandemic. Their risk allows the rest of us to stay safe. “If everyone just did something nice or went out of their way to […] say we appreciate your work, that could give them support to keep going.” This is a time to come together and appreciate one another, and delivering baked goods is a great way to show that we care.