The 3D Art Club: Making an Impact, One Clay Chunk at a Time

Adrienne Sapione

The 3D Art Club currently meets virtually on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM. You can check out their instagram at

The day-to-day schedule of an SHS student is oftentimes overwhelming: the stress of completing your weekly English essays and memorizing math formulas is amplified by the constant peer-pressure to do well in your classes. Additionally, due to the pandemic, students are limited from personal, face-to-face interactions with friends and peers. Fortunately, the 3D Art Club fosters a close-knit community through the creation of 3D art, while also providing students with the chance to get involved and impact the Scarsdale community. 

Akin to its name, the club specializes in building and carving with ceramic clay. “The club makes everything from glazed bowls and plates to decorative tiles, so we work with charities to sell and donate a lot of the items we create,” explained club president Sam Bitterman ’22. Last year, the 3D Art Club partnered with Empty Bowls, a food-related charity organization, to donate bowls for nearby Westchester soup-kitchens. Alongside charity work, the 3D Art Club also participates in many bake sales and other creative fundraising events, such as bowl decorating sales. 

This year, the 3D Art Club will be participating in many virtual but heavily artistic projects to support the Scarsdale community. For example, the 3D Art Club is currently participating in a ceramic tiles mural, where club members will be decorating clay tiles, drawing inspiration from their passions and interests. This project will later be hung on a wall in the SHS music tower. 

Alongside the creative aspects of the club, the 3D Art Club also promotes a stress-free environment among its members. “The club offers an opportunity for me to not be focused on the things I’m stressed about and instead have a close-knit community to work on my ceramic art,” explained secretary Jonah Dichter ’22. 

Students can contact [email protected] or [email protected]  for further club information.