Highlighting Westchester’s Best Curbside Pickup and Delivery Restaurants


Maroon Staff

Due to the Coronavirus, Westchester’s restaurants are now offering curbside pickup and delivery.

In light of the Coronavirus, a majority of Westchester’s restaurants are offering curbside pickup and delivery to allow residents to eat the delicious food they crave in quarantine! Here are some recommendations:

Candlelight – The restaurant famous for serving delicious chicken wings and addicting french fries is now offering takeout and delivery in light of the Coronavirus. In order to pick up the food, one must enter the establishment wearing gloves and a mask, thus ensuring the maximum safety among the consumers. The food is just as appetizing nevertheless and offers a great alternative to home cooking a meal!

Haiku – The restaurant known for its delicate dumplings and tasty sushi is now offering takeout food to allow Scarsdale residents to enjoy Asian cuisine right in their own homes. Haiku ensures no-contact delivery by offering curbside pick up — a process in which a consumer drives to the establishment and opens their trunk so an employee can place the food inside thus preventing unnecessary human contact. The restaurant is handling the Coronavirus in a safe and effective way while still providing quality cuisine.

Vega – The popular Mexican restaurant located in Hartsdale is offering takeout as well as delivery. The servers deliver food wearing protective equipment including masks and gloves thus abiding by the social distancing laws. The restaurant’s fresh guacamole and crunchy chips are a good alternative to the month-old Tostitos sitting in the pantry closet!

Elia Taverna – The Greek restaurant known for serving hearty and fresh Mediterranean food has begun offering takeout and delivery for Westchester residents. The restaurant uses the curbside pickup system to make sure the food is distributed in a safe and quick manner. The refreshing food is just as enjoyably sitting on a dining room table as it is in a restaurant!

The Irish Bank – The restaurant is now open for pickup so Westchester residents can enjoy Irish food and delicious hamburgers right in their own homes. The Irish Bank uses the safe and coveted curbside pick up so there is virtually no human contact. Once reheated, the food is an easy and good choice for a family to enjoy as they have a variety of foods on their menu.

Lombardo’s – The White Plains Italian restaurant offers timely delivery for delicious Italian food. The servers wear protective gear and avoid unnecessary human contact. The fresh pizza and creative pasta choices are definitely a must during quarantine!