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The show is named after one of the signature chess moves deployed by its protagonist, Beth Harmon.

The Queen’s Gambit May Be One of Netflix’s Best Originals

Lydia Jin December 4, 2020

The Queen’s Gambit took Netflix by storm when it premiered on October 23rd of this year. Directed by Scott Frank and based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, the seven-episode miniseries...

WandaVision takes place in an alternate universe formed by Wanda, which  includes a version of Vision from Wanda’s imagination (as Vision died in Endgame). 

WandaVision: the new teleVISION series

Jolie Kantor December 2, 2020

After news of the delay of Marvel’s Black Widow movie earlier this year, all of us Marvel fans have been patiently awaiting the next release. Finally, during the Emmy Awards a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly...

This delicious apple pie can be served with ice cream or whipped cream.

Apple Pie Recipe: A Thanksgiving Favorite for the Whole Family

Mykaela Madoff, Writer November 23, 2020

This fall season, our autumn traditions of family football games, apple picking, and Thanksgiving dinner may look a little different than they normally do, but no matter how strange things are right now,...

The Paulie Strong club was formed by SHS students to help raise awareness for childhood cancer, and to honor the memory of Paul Jimenez.

Paul Lost His Battle To Cancer at Age 10; His Memory Lives On Through “Paulie Strong”

Chelsea Berson November 20, 2020

“Paul Ulysses Jimenez had a smile no one could forget,” states the Paulie Strong Foundation on their website. At 10 years old, Paul Jimenez, or Paulie, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft...

Scarsdale Schools have been testing out cross cohort streaming since late October.

A Reflection on Cross Cohort Streaming

Alicia Xin and Katherine Shi November 11, 2020

Throughout the early weeks of October, rumors about cross-cohort streaming circulated throughout SHS. Although many hoped these rumors weren’t true, on October 15, Principal Bonamo sent an email confirming...

Project Calendula is a new club aimed at improving wellness and mental health in the SHS community, and a wonderful resource for anyone adjusting to the “new normal.”

Project Calendula: Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy

Ebonie Kibalya November 9, 2020

In Scarsdale, the center of teens' lives and perhaps even identity is contingent on school. Suddenly having that stability slip out from underneath you is distressing, and has caused a general shift in...

Adam Katcher's novel has been sold across six nations and four continents.

Humans of Scarsdale: Adam Katcher

Sam Siegel November 6, 2020

This past summer, Junior Adam Katcher released his debut novel, “2035”. The book is about a high-schooler who gets drafted into World War III on behalf of the British and winds up across the world...

To learn more about the exceptional talents and works of Scarsdale’s very own play-write, Joan Ross Sorkin, you can visit her website,

This is Serious: A COVID Play

Ebonie Kibalya November 6, 2020

A Global Pandemic - we hear these words over and over again, strung together in social media posts, bellowed in the presidential debates, and regularly italicized in the bottom of the morning news. Shocked...

Schitt's Creek has won nine Emmy awards and swept the comedy category. Now it is time to say goodbye!

Schitt’s Creek Bids Farewell

Mykaela Madoff November 6, 2020

Since 2015, fans have adored the hit show “Schitt’s Creek” for its wit, humor, and lovable characters. The series portrays a rich family, who is rather detached, losing all their money and moving...

Teachers' Thoughts: Hybrid/Cross-Cohort Streaming

Teachers’ Thoughts: Hybrid/Cross-Cohort Streaming

Sydney Piccoli and Lilac Lin November 5, 2020

After experimenting with a few weeks of the hybrid model, SHS is considering changing the schedule and adding cross-cohort streaming. SHS English teacher, Natalie Farina, and SHS History teacher, Jeff...

Is Claudia Conway the New Face of Gen-Z’s Rebellion?

Is Claudia Conway the New Face of Gen-Z’s Rebellion?

Charlotte Davis November 4, 2020

In a time of political tension, everyone looks toward the media to shed light on what is to come. Amid a seemingly never-ending pandemic, earlier last month, the news that COVID-19 has reached The White...

Karen Lee (second from left), Vivan Guo (center), and Joanna Wang (far right) at All County Orchestra two years ago.

SHS Musicians Invited to Participate in Virtual All-State Orchestra

Hyunjin Lee November 2, 2020

Who knew playing and enjoying music was so dependent on being able to gather with fellow musicians? The coronavirus pandemic has forced so many cherished past-times to adjust to social distancing guidelines,...

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