Socially-Distanced Summer Opportunities

As we near summertime in Scarsdale, opportunities are highly sought-after in the aftermath of COVID-19 cancellations.

Jake Lubin

June 16, 2020

Remote Learning Summer Programs A number of colleges are offering summer programs for high schoolers to learn via an online platform while others are even allowing students to learn at a college campus. UCLA is offering online courses, and in the case of the Digital Filmmaking Summer Institute, the...

Green Ribbon Club Spotlight

A snapshot of the Green Ribbon Club bakesale, pre coronavirus.

Alexandra Chu

June 15, 2020

Green Ribbon Club promotes mental health in the COVID-19 era.

Laura Estersohn Bids Farewell to SHS

SHS math teacher Laura Estersohn set to retire after twenty-three years.

Sam Wachs

June 13, 2020

Over the span of twenty-three years, SHS math teacher Laura Estersohn has taught nearly every math course, leaving students with more knowledge and a greater appreciation for mathematical and statistical concepts. Combined with this thought-provoking atmosphere, Estersohn has also created one that allow...

Design and Build Curriculum Redesigned

Sheilah Chason's design and build students have been exploring innovative solutions to the new challenges of distance learning.

Ryan Seibold

June 12, 2020

Sheilah Chason, an SHS math and STEAM teacher, recently redesigned the curriculum for her design and build elective class. At school, the class focused on woodworking and creating everyday appliances like utensils, cooking spoons, etc. Once school was moved online, Chason realized that it would be diffi...

SHS Goes Global (Via Zoom)

Scarsdale High School Juniors participate in an

Ariel Weinsaft

June 11, 2020

With SHS global opportunities, for the most part, postponed and even canceled in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Scarsdale High School students might feel like they are missing out on the learning experience that travels and exchanges provide. While, of course, there are learning and cultural experiences...

Scarsdale Sophomores Lead Community Food Collection

Scarsdale Sophomore Lydia Doherty delivering food to the Salvation Army.

Ben Spitalny

June 8, 2020

For as far as Lydia Doherty ’22 and Sabrina Finegold ’22 can remember, there were barely any people waiting outside for food at the Salvation Army. However, after COVID-19 caused nearly 200,000 Hudson Valley residents to lose their jobs, and the schools that provide meals to thousands of students ...

Scenes from a New Normal

Scenes from a New Normal is one of the first films to be produced entirely over Zoom.

Jake Lubin

June 5, 2020

Scenes from a New Normal is a documentary that captures the Coronavirus pandemic through the lens of one town: Scarsdale, New York. After over 25 interviews and 38 hours of footage, the final film compiles the stories of students, administrators, business owners, patients, and doctors. Behind the scenes,...

Highlighting Westchester’s Best Curbside Pickup and Delivery Restaurants

Due to the Coronavirus, Westchester’s restaurants are now offering curbside pickup and delivery.

Sydney Piccoli

May 22, 2020

In light of the Coronavirus, a majority of Westchester’s restaurants are offering curbside pickup and delivery to allow residents to eat the delicious food they crave in quarantine! Here are some recommendations: Candlelight - The restaurant famous for serving delicious chicken wings and addict...

SHS Drama Club Performs Production of “Ten Ways To Survive Life In Quarantine” Over Zoom

Last weekend, the Drama Club put on a zoom production of the show

Lilac Lin

May 21, 2020 Following the cancellation of the spring play, Drama teacher Barabara Malecki found a play that could be performed over zoom, titled "Ten Ways To Survive Life In Quarantine" written by Don Zolidis. The play was a great way for the Drama Club to reconnect...

Let’s Talk About Zoom

It's about time we sit down and have...

Josh Bock

May 16, 2020

This is a collection of my thoughts and feelings and fears and hopes about Zoom, expressed through thoughtful distillations of the human condition, or something.   Small Talk Time for class. Well, not class so much as split screening Miniclip for 25 minutes. It’s 11:29 so I guess I’d better...

Five Ways to Go Green in Quarantine

Plant based meals are a delicious way to go green and be healthy.

Audrey Schonfeld

May 14, 2020

Been out for a walk lately?  You may have noticed that the skies are quieter, the roads seem emptier, and the air feels fresher.  A silver lining of the imposed quarantine is a significant decrease in carbon emissions around major cities.  Because we are all hunkered down, car trips to the village ...

Authentic French Crêpes: The Perfect Recipe for Quarantine

Crepes are thin French pancakes that are often served with sweet filling.

Mykaela Madoff

May 12, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten a bit tired of binging Netflix shows and YouTube videos. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and cook up an easy, delicious treat with your family. These crêpes take about ten minutes to prepare, an hour to rest, and around thirty minutes to cook. My mom ...

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