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Back & Better Than Ever: Cats the Musical Review

During its time, Cats was the longest running Broadway show, closing after 7,485 performances in September of 2000. Now, it’s back! Cats reopened in late July, 2016. The music is exactly the same as the original production, and the new directors preserved the lively and upbeat nature of the show when it was first on

6 Journalists Unfairly Arrested

On January 20, during Trump’s inauguration, violent protests occurred near the inauguration ceremony. Rioters lit a limousine on fire and smashed the windows of commercial buildings. As a result, the crowd was pepper-sprayed during the event. 230 people were taken into custody, 6 of whom were journalists covering the protests. The journalists, Evan Engel, Alexander

La La Land Nominated For Record Amount Of Academy Awards

La La Land is a 2016 film set in Los Angeles, directed by Damien Chazelle. The movie focuses on Mia (Emma Stone) and the hardships she faces in her attempts to pursue her dreams as an actress. Down the road, Mia meets, and immediately falls in love with, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). Sebastian is a talented,

Symptoms Of Being Human Review

Symptoms of Being Human, written by Jeff Garvin, is a fantastic novel that deserves to be recognized. The novel follows the life of Riley Cavanaugh, who is gender-fluid and the child of a politician in a conservative town, which creates dissenion in public issues. In addition, Riley is attending a new school where not everyone

What Happened To The White House Website?

Recently, there has been a public outcry regarding the so-called removal of certain web pages on the official White House website (The White House | Many claimed that among these abandoned pages were those addressing climate change, LGBT rights, healthcare, and civil rights mentions. However, to say that Trump specifically scrubbed these issues from

A-School Internships 2017

Every year, students in the Alternative School get to leave school for the month of January. Instead of school, A-Schoolers try to find something they would enjoy doing, while learning about skills outside of the typical classroom. These internships are similar to the Senior Options program. The goal of internship is for A-School students to

Dear Evan Hansen Review

Social media lies at the center of our lives, and some say that the only place where people turn off their phones is in the theater. But as you sit in the audience of the Music Box Theater to see Dear Evan Hansen, you hear the sound of a text message notification as the show

Chinese New Year Celebration

新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) Happy New Year! 恭喜发材 (gōng xǐ fā cái) I wish you good fortune! The annual Chinese New Year Celebration was held on February 3rd during fifth period in the Little Theater, hosted by the Mandarin Club. There were plenty of Chinese delicacies there such as noodles, fried rice, dumplings, vegetable steamed

Almost, Maine Review

The audience left the auditorium, following SHS Drama Club’s production of Almost, Maine, overwrought by fervor and sorrow. Directed by Tali Lesser ’17 and Ellis Jones ’17, the play created magic on stage. Almost, Maine, a series of nine vignettes, is located in a town called Almost, and follows residents as they experience love and