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Voices, Unheard

The numbers: One in eight kids are diagnosed with anxiety. Six to eight percent of teens have serious depression. 2.8 million American adolescents had at least one major depressive episode in 2014. These are the numbers: the cold, hard facts. But these facts are made up of millions of children who, every day, deal with

The Weight of the Problem

For as long as she can remember, Chloe* has experienced issues when it comes to her body image. “I have a hard time loving my body when my family members make me feel really insecure about it … I wish that one day I feel confident [enough] in myself that I will not feel the

Nick Coeytaux Skis to States!

On Sunday, February 26 – Monday, February 28, Ski States took place at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in Canandaigua, NY and Gore Mountain Ski Resort in North Creek, NY. Nick Coeytaux ’18 was the only racer from the Scarsdale High School Ski Team to qualify for the race. Approximately 70 boys from the state of

Project Green – Club Spotlight

If you have ever been by the Little Theater any Wednesday seventh period, it is likely you have heard Project Green’s weekly chant. As Scarsdale High School’s only environment restoration club, Project Green prides itself on the club’s incredible spirit. Project Green has recently completed some initiatives that have had a substantial effect on the

Can’t Touché This

Growing up, kids read stories about warriors fighting with swords. For most children, the extent to which this fantasy becomes a reality is predominantly playing with fake swords in their backyards, but for some, this dream becomes true. Kristen Wong ’18, Polly Adler ’19, and Reza Merchant ’20 are three skilled fencers within our student

A-School Internships 2017

Every year, students in the Alternative School get to leave school for the month of January. Instead of school, A-Schoolers try to find something they would enjoy doing, while learning about skills outside of the typical classroom. These internships are similar to the Senior Options program. The goal of internship is for A-School students to

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  Your ideal winter day would be… Baking fresh batch of cookies. Hitting the slopes for a day of skiing. Curling up near a warm fire and reading a book. Spending a day at the mall with friends. Staying in bed and binge watching your favorite show. Your favorite Christmas song is… Chestnuts Roasting On An

It Does Happen Here

Carmen* has spent the past three months wondering what she had done wrong. Had she worn different attire, would he have still picked her? She’s not sure how things happened so fast but it did and now she just can’t forget. “The girls bathroom has become a place I know too well. I’m not in