Students are hoping for and looking forward to more nights like this 2019 football game. (Maroon Staff)
Students are hoping for and looking forward to more nights like this 2019 football game.

Maroon Staff

SHS Students React to Fall Sports

October 2, 2020

As SHS made plans during the summer to reopen, high school student-athletes and coaches wondered what would become of the fall sports season. Tryouts, under normal circumstances, usually start at the end of August, but the season start has been delayed to September 21. Later, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) announced that high-risk sports such as football, volleyball, and cheer, are allowed to start on a distant March 1, 2021.

Although the situation was hard to accept for the majority of SHS students, the delay hasn’t discouraged most athletes from trying out. “If they do somehow miraculously wind up finding a bunch of available pool space, and we are able to have a season, I would definitely go to ‘tryouts.’ Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll wind up happening, at least not until the pandemic ends,” commented Eliana Zitrin ’22. Others agreed that they feel comfortable playing their sport with others, even with COVID 19. 

There seems to be a general consensus that the season was postponed for everyone’s safety and the severity of the pandemic is not to be underestimated. When asked, many students claimed that they would’ve made the same decision if the choice had been in their hands. “If I could make the decision on fall sports, I would choose exactly what NYSPHSAA decided on…. I’d rather have a delayed season where we can practice without feeling as worried about Corona, than have fall sports start when they normally do and have to be even more cautious than we already are,” noted Karina Cheng ’23. Coaches, as well, have been making sure to take the crucial precautions with the safety of the school in mind. Tennis players, as an example, are not allowed to share balls and equipment, and coaches will wear gloves and masks throughout the tryouts and practices.

Some students found positive aspects of the delay as well, a valuable mindset to have in light of this negative news. “It’s actually pretty nice to have a delayed season because you can practice more for tryouts. And since it’s the first year we’re doing hybrid, we need to get used to the feeling of the hybrid schedule and get everything together before we start the season, or else everything would be kind of hectic,” commented Olivia Sun ’23. 

During the season, teams will have to practice separately in cohorts to minimize any chance of transmission between the two groups. “I understand the school district’s reasoning for doing it and I get that, but it makes [team practices] extremely difficult… Not impossible, but difficult,” remarked Fall Girls’ Tennis Coach Jennifer Roane. In addition, if virus cases surge in the school, sports will also be put on hold for two weeks. Cohorting becomes more important, as the season is already shortened, and losing another two weeks would be devastating. Clearly, this isn’t the ideal circumstance for everyone who had been looking forward to playing with friends, but it is one that will have to become a reality. 

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