Netflix’s Outer Banks has blown up among high schoolers everywhere. (Maroon Staff)
Netflix’s Outer Banks has blown up among high schoolers everywhere.

Maroon Staff

Outer Banks: Everyone’s Quarantine Addiction

July 4, 2020

*Spoilers ahead!*

If you’re anything like us, we suspect that your free time in quarantine has been occupied with one of two activities – sleeping and watching TV. However, you have probably come to the realization that there is only a certain amount of times that you can rewatch your favorite shows before starting to question whether they were ever even enjoyable in the first place. Many of our favorites have unfortunately stopped airing due to COVID-19, but one show that captured Gen-Z’s attention in the midst of everything is Outer Banks, which made its debut on Netflix on April 15, 2020. 

John B, Kiara, JJ, and Pope find themselves in the center of a treasure hunt murder mystery fiasco in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This inseparable group, often called the Pogues, try to balance rebellious teen antics with the life-altering events that follow the disappearance of John B’s father. A high stakes search for the long lost treasure of the Royal Merchant ensues after the group’s discovery of another sunken boat, ultimately transforming their summer into an adventure they’ll never forget. 

As John B explains in the trailer, the Outer Banks is “the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.” The Pogues struggle with getting by financially, while the Kooks, a large affluent group, live a life of luxury filled with yachts and extravagant parties. While the treasure hunt for $400 million dollars is portrayed as the main storyline, the feud between the Pogues and the Kooks creates the drama and tension that makes the show just that much more interesting. This battle also makes its way into one of the main budding love plots, a Romeo and Juliet inspired romance between John B and Sarah Cameron, the “Kook Princess” of the island. John B invites Sarah along on their journey, which in turn upsets the other Pogues, particularly Kiara, who has a long-standing hatred for Sarah. These relationship-struggles throughout the season only further the teenage appeal of the show. 

Outer Banks feels like a play on a classic coming-of-age story, similar to that of The Goonies or Scooby-Doo, with average teenagers going on suspenseful adventures to find an increasingly desirable prize, while also learning about themselves and developing their own internal compasses. Although it has a somewhat typical story basis, the plot twists and mature themes set Outer Banks apart. The show fulfills our desires to be out in the world living our dream high school summer, especially during the quarantine. SHS student Ebonie Kibalya ’22 explains that “the concept of carefree, independent teenagers has attracted so many teens because, in a world where quarantine limits our adventures on a trip to Trader-Joe’s, it’s a form of escapism.” Along with this, the character backstories and developments contribute to the relatability for the Gen-Z audience of the show, with examples such as JJ’s difficulties with his abusive father and Pope’s struggle to get into a good school despite his underprivileged background. 

Overall, the show is definitely worth the watch. The aesthetically pleasing cinematography combined with the gripping young adult themes create a show that is perfect for anyone looking for a short escape from the boredom of their homes. You may end up binging it in less than a day while avoiding your schoolwork or spreading it out for maximum time reveling in the Outer Banks.

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