How to Stay Productive at Home

April 12, 2020


Lilac Lin

Stay organized and productive during the Coronavirus quarantine with this collage of items!

As whole nations are shut down to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, an increasing number of people have to work from home. While it is important to take a day off now and then, there are also advantages to staying self-aware and knowing what day of the week it is. Below are some tips on how to remain productive (and sane) for the rest of the quarantine! 

Wake up Early!

It may seem tempting to sleep until 1 PM every day, but there are many benefits to waking up early. Getting up a few hours in advance will allow you to get a head start on work and avoid feeling guilt at the end of yet another fruitless day. Early birds take advantage of their most constructive hours and can enjoy a higher quality of sleep at night. If you still aren’t convinced, waking up a sibling with you always provides an unparalleled sense of satisfaction!

Maintain a sense of normalcy

Pretend school is still open, and get dressed into actual clothes. Lounging around in pajamas sets a drowsy tone for the rest of the day and can even worsen your mood. By keeping to a morning routine with several steps, you will feel more put together and be more likely to stay on task. 

Make a realistic To-Do List

Creating a calendar of important projects and assignments is helpful when adjusting to a new type of learning. Quarantine forces people to live in a state of uncertainty, but schedules can act as a coping mechanism for the lack of control people have during this difficult time. Staying proactive is important, but cramming too many events into one day will only set you up for failure. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed during an unprecedented global pandemic, so try to set practical goals.

Click here for a blank schedule Ms. Comerford made of a typical week in quarantine

Take a Break!

Social distancing can often make people feel isolated, so it is important to continue to reach out to friends and family. Through using Zoom, Facetime, or countless other applications, everyone can continue to have “face to face” conversations. Although none of this can make up for actual human interaction, it is the best thing we have as of now. Staying physically active can also improve mental wellbeing. Looking at screens all day will not only damage your eyes but also your state of mind. Even though it is not feasible to play certain team sports, staying active in the form of walking your dog, biking, or taking online gym class is still possible. 

Eliminate Distractions & Get Started!

Turn off your phone, if necessary, or use an app such as Forest if you are having trouble being disciplined. Having an organized and silent workplace is also imperative to stay focused and engaged. Articles on how to stay productive, ultimately, will not help you seize the day, so start working now!

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