Photo Credit: The Come Up Show – Flickr
Photo Credit: The Come Up Show – Flickr

Hottest Albums of Summer 2019

September 4, 2019

Soul Searching – Bazzi

A “journey of love, pain and growth” is what Bazzi himself calls his new mixtape, Soul Searching, released on August 9th. The mixtape features catchy songs including “Who Am I?” as well as previously released songs such as “Focus,” featuring 21 Savage, and “Paradise.” This album’s unique, memorable beats definitely makes Soul Searching one of the top albums of summer 2019. 


No. 6 Collaborations Project – Ed Sheeran

On July 12, Ed Sheeran released his fourth studio album, a conglomeration of different songs he has written in collaboration with different artists, including Khalid and Camila Cabello. The album includes the single “I Don’t Care,” featuring Justin Bieber, which, with its lively melody, had its own separate booming debut earlier this year. All in all, this album is an exciting mix of work by Sheeran and many other talented artists, definitely living up to fans’ high expectations to become a top summer album. 


Happiness Begins – the Jonas Brothers 

The Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever with their new album, Happiness Begins, released on June 7. The album contains unforgettable beats in singles such as “Sucker” and “Cool.” The album includes more cheerful songs like “Only Human” but also more somber ones like “Hesitate,” which Nick Jonas describes as “Joe [Jonas]’s love letter to Sophie Turner.” 


TIM – Avicii 

Following his sudden death in April 2018, it came to light that Swedish musician Avicii had been working on an album before he passed away. A team of collaborators helped finish the work, and his new album “TIM” was released on June 6 of this year. The album contains a mixture of sounds from a range of different places, including the Carribean and Arab regions, as well as psychedelia and other unique melodies. The album features hits like “SOS” as well as softer songs such as “Peace of Minds,” featuring Vargas and Lagola.  


Free Spirit – Khalid 

Although it was released earlier in the year in April, “Free Spirit”, the second studio album released by Khalid, definitely contains some of the most popular songs of the summer. Making it to the top of the Billboard 200, “Free Spirit” contains a diverse mix of melodies including “Talk,” a song with a slow yet extremely catchy beat, and “My Bad,” a quicker but similarly catchy tune.


Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

The first work Lizzo has released since her 2016 album “Coconut Oil,” “Cuz I Love You” was released this past April. The album made its boom this summer with hits like “Tempo,” a collaboration with Missy Elliott, as well as songs like “Juice,” the album’s lead single. This album is upbeat and fun to dance to.


The Big Day – Chance The Rapper

Released mid-summer on July 26, “The Big Day” is Chance the Rapper’s debut studio album. It reached number two on the Billboard Top 200 and follows the releases of his several mixtapes from earlier this year. The album includes reflective songs like “Do You Remember” featuring Death Cab for Cutie, as well as the bouncy single “Ballin Flossin” featuring Shawn Mendes.


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