A snapshot of the Green Ribbon Club bakesale, pre coronavirus. (Janmariz Deguia '22)
A snapshot of the Green Ribbon Club bakesale, pre coronavirus.

Janmariz Deguia '22

Green Ribbon Club Spotlight

June 15, 2020

During turbulent times like today, especially with growing fears of the coronavirus, many SHS students feel anxious and overwhelmed. Fortunately, the Green Ribbon Club is working hard to promote mental health and wellness. “The Green Ribbon Club’s main goal is to create a [safe] space where students feel comfortable talking about their mental health. Mental health can be a tough topic to talk about, especially for high school students, so we want to create a community where students feel supported and there are active conversations about anxiety, stress, depression, etc.” said club president Serena Finger ’22. 

Before the break, the Green Ribbon Club partnered with Double Good, a popcorn company, in hosting a fundraiser. Through selling gourmet popcorn, they raised $7,922. This was split between the club and the Double Good Foundation, an organization that helps kids with special needs. Now, the Green Ribbon Club is promoting wellness by providing daily activities for students to take part in. This is to provide routines and a sense of control while the world is in a chaotic state. “We are doing this project to bring purpose and organization into people’s lives. We want to remind everyone that we should always strive to do more than survive through this pandemic but live [our lives],” said Janmariz Deguia ’22, Social Media Coordinator. These activities, such as tips on how to take care of yourself, physical exercise routines, and cognitive activities, can be found on the club’s Instagram @shsgreenribbonclub or on the blog page of their website. 

It is important to remember that everyone has a different response to the coronavirus outbreak. This time can be especially difficult for people who struggle with mental health disorders, so it is essential that we be kind and supportive of others while taking care of ourselves. “During this coronavirus break, it is important we take time to think about our mental wellness because it is easy to become stressed and anxious. I think through all the chaos it is important to take time for yourself and do something you enjoy to make sure you don’t become too stressed,” advised Vice-President Annika Johnson ’22. “I think the most beneficial thing you can do is keeping yourself organized and making sure to leave time in your schedule to take time for yourself to keep your mind at ease.”


>Follow the Green Ribbon Club on Instagram @shsgreenribbonclub

>Visit the Green Ribbon Club’s website: https://sites.google.com/view/shsgreenribbonclub/home

>For more tips and tricks on how to maintain our wellbeing, visit the CDC’s websites: https://emergency.cdc.gov/coping/selfcare.asp


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