Exploring the Hidden World of the Sports Industry

June 13, 2019

Are you interested in following professional sports organizations and statistics? If so, the newly established Sports Media Club might be just right for you. The Sports Media Club was founded by several sports aficionados—Alex Weinberg ’21, Zaki Jivraj ’21, Matthew Ostow ’21, Ben Koch ’21, and Ben Hoexter ’21. The main goal of the club is to develop an organization that explores a wide range of sports industry-related operations pertaining to topics the most avid sports fans might not regularly discuss.

In discussing the obscure enterprise of sports, students in the club have the opportunity to examine the structures of prosperous sports organizations. “We have a mission to foster various interactive lessons, projects, and case studies, with the intention of students developing problem-solving and communication skills, along with attaining knowledge of the sports industry—specifically the hidden operations such as front offices, advertising, finances, media, transactions, and players’ unions,” said Jivraj.

The founders wanted to form a community of SHS students that could talk about their passions and exchange different opinions. “The interest we thought this club would generate, along with the fact that no remotely similar club existed, inspired us to bring our ideas into action by creating this club,” said Weinberg. Still in its developmental stages, the club is seeking input from experienced media figures, many of whom have advised the club and even suggested events for its members to attend or simulate. Some of its founders, like Weinberg, look to use their own background in sports media. Weinberg is currently a sports broadcaster at LMCTV, a television station for Larchmont and Mamaroneck. He covers varsity sports for the area by calling and announcing the games, conducting interviews with star athletes, and holding post game reflections. Additionally, Weinberg runs a sports twitter account (@AlexWeinberg14), where he tweets his opinions and thoughts on New York Sports.

As the school year draws to a close, several events will likely occur in the coming year, as this school year is coming to a close. The goal for the club heading into the end of this school year was to attract potential members to join the club, along with discussing intriguing and thought-provoking sports topics. Outside of school, the club is exploring attending a sports management conference, such as the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference held each year. The MIT Conference is run by leading figures in sports analytics, business, and technology who come together to discuss opportunities for sharing industry successes, create forums, and continue exploring the industry’s newest strategies and concepts.

This up and coming club is certainly something for anyone interested in discussing controversial sports news to consider joining, along with discovering insider news on your favorite teams. The club is open to anyone with any degree of sports knowledge and experience, and the officers are prepared to teach any member that is not as well informed.

The Sports Media Club meets on Wednesdays during 7th period in Room 255.

To join, email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

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