Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on local businesses, causing unemployment among workers. (Pixabay)
Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on local businesses, causing unemployment among workers.


Coronavirus’ Effect on Local Businesses

April 7, 2020

COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, is an infectious respiratory disease that has made the front page of every newspaper in the past few weeks. While it has wreaked havoc on hospitals and patients, the virus has also caused economic ramifications with its closing of restaurants and other local businesses. 

A walk through the Scarsdale Village, which was previously accompanied by a flurry of activity, is now a deserted ghost town. Many of the beloved boutiques and eateries – Starbucks, Southeast Asian Cuisine, Cooked & Co, Café Alaia, and more –  have been restricted to takeout and delivery due to New York State’s decision to promote social distancing and slow the spread of the virus. Nonessential businesses face an even harsher fate. They are forced to close. 

Buon Amici Delicatessen, one of the most popular places to get a sandwich, still offers takeout and delivery. While there has not been any catering and most customers are now staying home, the deli has found ways to stay open during this difficult time. “As long as people call in their orders first and do not hang around in the store, the customers are safe,” said Mr. John Chiappelli, the owner of Buon Amici. 

California Pizza Kitchen, a neighborhood oriented restaurant, has also remained open in the midst of this epidemic by using third party delivery services and curbside takeout. “All of our restaurants are still open, but they had to go down to only two managers. Since there is no dine in service, all of the waiters and most of the bartenders are put on hold until this is over,” explained Eric, a manager at CPK. 

As workers are temporarily laid off and the economy comes to a sudden halt, fewer people will feel secure enough to spend their money, which will only add to the problem. During this difficult time, it is incredibly important to continue supporting local businesses from a safe distance!

Buon Amici: Access the Menu Here

California Pizza Kitchen: Order Online Here

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