Student Spotlight: Nina Maor


Nina Maor ‘24 creating one of her designs.

Ethan Karp, Writer

When Nina Maor ‘24 first picked up a hook and yarn in late 2021, she didn’t realize that within eight months crocheting would become her main hobby. Maor said, “I learned through YouTube tutorials, I just kept searching until I found ones that clicked, and then I was able to teach myself some other skills just by practicing.” Once she honed her skills, crocheting became a relaxing activity in which she produced “adorable” products at the end. Some of Maor’s favorite designs include a baby elephant, a blue fluffy cow, and her own design of a triceratops. 

Maor started an Etsy to sell her products. In order to gain traction for her Etsy, Maor created an Instagram account @stitch.glitch.crochet. Maor’s posts highlight her enjoyment of crocheting. She promotes her new designs, as well as posts relatable and fun videos – her most viral clip, received over 2.3 million views. 

As for Maor’s crocheting future, she says, “My biggest goal is to go to a craft fair or market with a whole booth… and to be able to interact face to face in person with customers.” This year, Maor started the YarnWork Club here, at Scarsdale High School. They meet during 7th period on Fridays in room 340. Maor explains that the club, “will teach people to pick up knitting, crocheting, and embroidery…”  On a final note, Maor says that the club is a great place to “find people who’ve got your back.”