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January 18, 2018

As the next sports season approaches, new teams will be configured, as well as new team captains will try to rise to the challenge of leading their team to victory. Now, you can check in with the captains of the 2018 Varsity Girls’ Basketball team:

  • Emmeline Berridge ’19:Right now are playing pretty well as a team, but we need to work on consistency. We’ve had some great games, including a win away against the defending Connecticut state champions (Stamford), but also some rough games. We didn’t play as well as we could have against strong teams in the section like North Rockland and Clarkstown South, which shows in our 4-6 record. Our goal for the season is to establish ourselves as a strong team in the section and to work really hard to win all of our league games coming up.”
  • Lily Steckel ’18:This year the basketball team is as close as it has ever been. We are always hanging out after practice and these tight-knit relationships have translated into our camaraderie as a team on the court. We have been playing more together and sharing the ball. Before every game we make sure to high-five each other when we are standing in line because of an article that says the more touches a team has before games, the better they will play together. I’m hoping that we make it far when playoff time comes and that we are able to face some really competitive teams.”
  • Audrey Shaev ’18:Our main goal for the season is to continuously improve and get better together. We had a rough start to the season, losing games we should have won, but we came out strong against the defending Connecticut state champions. Going into January and league play, we hope to continue our strong play that we had against Stamford and surprise the section with a few more wins against teams we necessarily shouldn’t beat. Our closeness as a team is showed in our teamwork and how well we work together on the court, and we hope to show this by winning the league and going as far as we can in playoffs.”
  • Samantha Mancini ’18
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