Photo Credit: Maroon Staff
Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

The Brave and The Bold of SHS Showcased at Jabberfest

April 20, 2019

Because Scarsdale High School is one of America’s finest schools, many students are so focused on academics that they are oblivious to the wide range of talents that SHS students possess. Jabberfest is an annual event in which students are given the opportunity to show off their hobbies and interests in front of the whole school instead of having their heads buried in books, for once. Featuring a variety of talents such as singing, classical music, international dance routines, and a cappella groups such as Noteworthy and For Good Measure, it is no surprise that this year’s Jabberfest was another roaring success!

Two sensational international dance routines, one set to a Bollywood tune for the Indian dance style of Kathak and the other featuring SHS’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Team, caused heads in the audience to sway from side to side.

T’Naysia Watt ’20 (Photo Credit: Maroon Staff)

An original poem was spoken which was written by T’Naysia Watt ’20 to reflect voice through the eyes of a parent, specifically one in Scarsdale. This had snapping fingers and clapping.

Ariel Stern ’20 is no stranger to performing in front of others. Three years after she marked her debut in stand-up comedy by winning SMS’s annual speech contest, Stern is back again with another relatable routine that focuses on the stressful life of an SHS student. “Since comedy has been going on for so long, there aren’t that many new topics to explore,” said Stern. However, by searching through her life experiences and unleashing her creativity, Stern made her routine one of the many unforgettable performances of this year’s Jabberfest.

Lydia Jin ’22, better known as Dia Edwards to her fans, is a talented singer at SHS. After being inspired by watching other aspiring songsters on TV, Edwards began to teach herself how to sing and play the ukulele. More than a month ago on March 7th, she released her newest EP ‘Change,’ featuring 6 original songs that are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and many other platforms. At Jabberfest, Edwards performed her favorite original song Dry because she feels that it reflects the mindset of students in Scarsdale. “It’s about how some people think that their life is kind of empty and they don’t really know what they’re doing, so they really need something to spark their energy,” explained  Edwards. After hearing her breathtaking performance live, it is definitely worth checking out her songs on basically any streaming platform.

Lydia Jin ’22 (Photo Credit: Maroon Staff)

The Noteworthy performance was nothing short of incredible. It is no surprise though, considering the group meets once a week for an hour and a half to prepare for their performances. Clearly, their devotion pays off, as we saw through their talent-filled performance at Jabberfest. “It’s an amazing experience to go on the stage and perform for the whole school,” said Emma Glaser ’20.

There’s so much talent at SHS and Jabberfest gives those talents a platform to be shared, which I love. People can sign up and perform dances, comedy routines, or any other special skills they may have”

— Kelsy Hogan ’20


Hogan got involved in Jabberfest for the first time last year. This year she performed Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. To many, Jabberfest serves as a day right before the break to display the many talents among SHS students and additionally serves as a time to relax from tests. “It’s a way to get out of the crazy school mindset and just have fun for a day,” added Hogan.


Kelsy Hogan ’20 (Photo Credit: Maroon Staff)

SHS owes a special thank you to SHS English teacher Jeanne Cooper, who helps continue the Jabberfest tradition that we have come to know and love.

If you missed any of the performances, click here and experience Jabberfest online:

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