Performances and Honors at 2019 Tri-M Induction Ceremony

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Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

As the Music Tower noisily overflowed with students and parents, whose numbers quickly surpassed the seats available, the officers of the Scarsdale Tri-M Honors Music Society made final preparations in an empty office nearby, tuning their instruments and rereading their lines. They were about to begin their most important event of the year: the annual Tri-M Induction ceremony.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society was created by the National Association for Music Education as a program that, according to its website, “focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy.” Current and potential members usher at school concerts and volunteer at music events. Each month, about a dozen different students visit places in the community to perform pieces and lighten people’s spirits. This year, Scarsdale students have performed at Burke Rehabilitation Center, the Ambassador of Scarsdale, Bristal Assisted Living, and Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

The three M’s in its name stands for “Modern Music Masters,” a title bestowed upon newly inducted members of the organization. On Thursday, the inductees were made up of a healthy mixture of band, orchestra, and chorus students. “This year [the officers] worked much harder to expand to other groups of music students, as Tri-M used to have a majority of orchestra kids,” explained vice-president Megumi Ozawa ’19. The Scarsdale chapter amassed a record number of new members, even after requirements were raised. In addition to taking a music class, students had to have performed at least once and helped out at a monthly bake sale.

The ceremony started with opening remarks from SHS Orchestra Teacher and Tri-M Advisor Amédée Williams. He then introduced the first performer, Joanna Wang ’21, who played a provoking rendition of Toccata in E Minor by Bach. Next, Tri-M Officers spoke of the importance of music, the meaning behind the organization’s name, and the significance of becoming an official member.

Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

Before the official induction, the ceremony was interspersed with speeches and performances. Brandon Yazdi ’20 and Vishnu Srinivas ’20 played the impressive Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saëns. Then, Laura Gelbum, incoming president of the Scarsdale Friends of Music and the Arts (SFMA), spoke of how the organization supports the music community.

Next, Apollo’s Playlist, the strings and winds ensemble conducted by Harry Parks ’20, played a moving rendition of Such Good Luck. They were followed by wise words from Irena Portenko, the honorary speaker and piano teacher of Tri-M President Jack Silvers ’20. Lily Kronenberg ’20 and Srinivas then performed Mozart’s cheerful Concerto No. 3.

The ceremony took a moment to recognize the accomplishments of retiring SHS Performing Arts Department Chair Craig Sherman. Williams and Ozawa spoke of how Sherman, in his 30 years of teaching had greatly expanded the Scarsdale music and arts programs. He registered an official AT Music Theory course, established an All-District Orchestra for elementary school students, and created the Scarsdale Tri-M chapter, among numerous other additions to the music and arts departments. In the ceremony, he was presented with a life-time Tri-M membership card.

Finally, the inductees repeated a pledge and were called up one by one to receive official certificates of membership. The ceremony concluded with a final performance by Silvers, Ozawa, Dylan Jansky ’20 and David Peng ’20 of When by Dodie Clark. Afterward, attendees enjoyed snacks and refreshments courtesy of SFMA.

“I personally thought it was quite official. Great concert, great people and a nice environment,” said new inductee Jeremy Ng ’22. The club is looking ahead to where to donate the money it raised this year. In two months, the club will host its annual Graduation Ceremony, honoring senior Tri-M members and musicians. Ozawa, the only senior officer, hopes to continue music in the future and is considering it as part of a double-major. She is proud of the progress she has helped the club make this year. “I hope that Tri-M will continue to grow. I think it’s a wonderful community of music students. To me, it was great to meet a group of people who all share the love for music. It definitely will be one of the things I’ll look back on with great memories,” reflected Ozawa.


List of 2019 Inductees: 

David Attar

Shreya Barlinge

Jessica Byers

Nico Cavaluzzi

Genie Enders

Eli Gelblum

Emily Hansen

Matt Hoffman

Kelsey Hogan

Julia Kawai

Anyi Kourakos

Sam Levine

Eve Mainster

Jeremy Ng

Maggie Peng

Annie Radin

Danny Rodriguez

Sarah Silverman

Justin Su

Anna Wang

Aaron Zoland


Watch the recorded performance here: