What Really Happens on Senior Cut Day?

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Photo Credit: pixabay.com

For many seniors, Senior Cut Day is a short break from the stress of college, tests, and work. Skipping all classes on St. Patrick’s Day (or the closest school day before it) has been a senior tradition for decades. However. what defines Senior Cut Day has been altered over time. Originally, it was marked as an unofficial senior holiday when all seniors would choose to skip school for the day. That same idea was still supposed to apply this year, but I wouldn’t exactly say having your mom call in sick for you fits the definition of cutting. But that’s beside the point. What even goes on when the senior body cuts school?

There is much speculation as to what really goes on during cut day. Whatever it may be, it would probably have to be better than waking up at 6:30 AM to go to seven periods of 50 minute classes. Something better than that? It may be impossible. Seriously, what senior would want to make the decision to miss seven hours of notes, gym, and tests? Many seniors dress up in spirited St. Patrick’s day attire by wearing green shirts, pants, socks, hats, and even makeup.

Students around the school have been tirelessly debating what they believe went on during the 2019 cut day on March 15. Some believe that the seniors’ day began with something truly unimaginable to any Scarsdale student: waking up after the sun rose and getting more than seven hours of sleep. However, this theory was unfortunately deemed “too good to be true” after many seniors revealed that they had gone into school for part or even all of the day because of tests and other assignments due.

Some may wonder why Senior Cut Day is still considered a Scarsdale High School tradition if many people aren’t completely participating in it.  The answer is simple. Although Senior Cut Day this year might not fit the same definition that it did many years ago, seniors believe that this tradition should be kept alive for many generations at SHS to come.