C-o-n-c-u-r-s-o d-e o-r-t-o-g-r-a-f-í-a

Photo Credit: Patricia Almanzar

Photo Credit: Patricia Almanzar

Riddha Iyengar

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The Spanish Club is an SHS club where students learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Celebrated holidays, popular music, and art are widely discussed topics throughout the meetings. Members are introduced to different types of delicious Spanish food at every meeting. Last year, the Spanish club hosted their first Spanish spelling bee for students to compete against one another for a prize. This year, SHS Spanish teacher Patricia Almanzar and the members of the Spanish Club hosted their second Spanish spelling bee in the Learning Commons on March 6th. Many students were involved and had a great time. “I think the teachers did a really good job this year getting the word out, making posters, and making announcements. We had a good result and a good turnout because of it,” said Almanzar. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Almanzar

Teams paired up, and tried to win by correctly spelling out the words that were given. As the word was being read, silence filled the room. When the time was up, each team would do their best to spell each word slowly, making sure that their spelling was correct. “I think it helps not only by having words that are Spanish words as part of the spelling challenge but also by creating a sense of energy and fun that we want the members to have when they’re learning about the Spanish culture and language,” explained Almanzar.

The team that won included Craig Carroll, Gabriel Lesser, Eve Mainster, and Maya Shaked. As a prize, the winners received a sixty dollar gift certificate to Chipotle. Each year, the Spanish spelling bee is a great way for students who are part of the Spanish club and students who may not be, to test their Spanish knowledge. Participants were able to enjoy themselves while expressing their competitive sides. “I definitely think it was a huge success just by the energy that was felt by people who participated and by those who watched and encourage their friends. I think that we will want to have more of these events perhaps in another quarter, maybe once or twice a year now. It was our second annual spelling bee but I think that we all agreed that it was such a fun way to get students involved in the Spanish language and in the Spanish club,” remarked Almanzar. Next year when the annual spelling bee returns, all students should come to challenge their knowledge and have a great time!