Bookmarked: Bronx River Books

October 16, 2018

Nestled in in the heart of Scarsdale Village, Bronx River Books is a quaint, little bookshop. Although small, the bookstore has been a great addition to the Scarsdale community. It provides a warm, cozy haven for every book lover; the soft hum of occasional talking and the musty perfume of books adds to the ambiance. Large shelves of books line the walls, and a table neatly piled with featured books greets you when you first enter. The deep wood bookcases and the assorted knickknacks on the walls provides a homey and soothing atmosphere. Seats with red and white plush cushions are situated between the bookshelves: a perfect spot to settle in and read.


The bookshelves are also organized by genre.

The bookstore holds a surprisingly large variety of genres, ranging from manga to children’s books to thrillers. The shop owners are extremely friendly and informative; they are always available from the circular desk in the middle of the store. The warm, soft lighting makes the bookstore an intimate and snug retreat for everyone. Especially with the hectic lives of Scarsdale students and residents, Bronx River Books is a perfect place to get away from everything, pick up a book, and read for hours.


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