International Food Day Frenzy

Maya Bharara

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Every year, students of all grades and interests flock to the International Food Day sponsored by the SHS International Club. For one brief 5th period, the normally drab cafeteria is transformed—world flags hang on the walls, music plays in the background, and tables with a multitude of different cuisines line the walls. After buying tickets for $1 each, students faced the difficult task of choosing how to spend them across the variety of choices and stations,  traveling from table to table, trying new foods, and learning about the culture and culinary aspects of various countries.

This year, the student-operated tables represented foods from Japan, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa, and Burundi. China was one of the most popular tables, with students lined up to sample chicken, rice, and fortune cookies. For me, one of the highlights was France, which had a crepes station with Nutella (you can never go wrong with Nutella). Other foods included pretzels and apple cake from Germany, rice balls and edamame from Japan, and chips and salsa from Spain. “It was really fun trying all the different cuisines, and I will definitely be trying more of these foods,” said Jamie Robelen ’19.

The different tables didn’t limit themselves just to food. The table for Spain, for instance, had sombreros for decoration, and other tables had books or flags scattered around their station. “This year’s International Fair went really well,” said International Club President Yu Matsui ’18. “Thanks to our members’ effort to spread the word, a lot of teachers and students came to enjoy the food!”

The profits from this year’s fair will be donated to an international charity organization that the club will decide on soon.