Scarsdale’s Got Talent

Magan Chin

Most would agree that there are some academically-gifted students at Scarsdale High School, but do they know how talented they are? Students of all grades, including teachers, performed every genre of music imaginable, while some even performed unique dance routines. Whether it was a solo performer, a singing douet, an acapella group, hula-hoop trio, or a rock band, every performance was more impressive and exciting to watch than the next.

Photo Courtesy: Maroon Staff

There were many piano performances this year, all different with the passion of each student; one pianist, Richard Xu ‘18, even performed blindfolded! Everyone in the audience was in shock when Richard unleashed his red blindfold and proceeded to flawlessly perform his complex piano piece. “I think my performance went well and people seemed to have fun! To me, Jabberfest is best when it’s fun, and I had fun too”, reflected Richard Xu ‘18. Another classical performer, Kelsey Chin ‘18, played the flute for the her fourth time at Jabberfest in SHS. “This year’s Jabberfest was different because I had more opportunities to perform, and I also got to do a group performance with some of my friends this year which was really fun”, responded Kelsey Chin ‘18. Other students performed dance pieces that they had tirelessly worked to prepare in preparation for the showcase, with one group in particular who excitingly danced with hula-hoops. Their cool hoop tricks and skills kept the audience engaged in their performance, and the excitement in the auditorium could be felt around the room. The three members of the hula hoop group, Victoria Capobianco ‘20, Caroline Higgins ‘20, and Bridget Foley ‘20 had been working tirelessly on their routine since last year’s Jabberfest performance. “I think it was one of our best performances, and we got a good response from the crowd, which was nice to see”, voiced Victoria Capobianco ‘20.

Photo Courtesy: Maroon Staff

It was amazing to watch all of the incredible talent that the students at SHS were willing to showcase. “Maybe next year we can try to encourage more people to do it too so that the performances are longer and there is a wider range of skills shown”, commented Sara Bali ‘20. Overall, Jabberfest was a success that was ultimately better than ditching school for a free.