Construction Work Triggering Fire Alarms

Jacob Faierman

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Recently, SHS has experienced a number of accidental fire drills due to the new construction work that is underway. Many classes have been interrupted for significant amounts of time, which interferes with the education of the student body. Fortunately, the contractor and the custodial staff have been diligently working to reduce the number of these alarm incidences. “Since construction began during the summer of 2016, there have been a few construction-related alarms, but the number has been low because of the attentiveness of the contractor, the oversight of the district’s department of building and grounds, and the efforts of the high school custodial staff,” noted Assistant Principal Renino when asked to comment on the situation. Assistant Principal Renino also stated that the “vast majority of the alarms have been in fulfillment of New York State law that mandates that we run eight evacuation exercises (more commonly called fire drills) and four lockdowns per school year.” Unfortunately, the fire alarms are still prone to going off in the future, but hopefully, these occurrences will be kept to a minimum.