What is HQ?

Credit: Flikr

Credit: Flikr

Noam Cherki

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Imagine a cultural phenomenon that will forever alter the schedule around which students organize their day. Something that could combine Scarsdale children’s two favorite things: making money and showing off their intelligence. A movement that could actually go as far as to drive SHS students to do the unthinkable: Spend 15 minutes of quality time with their parents every night. This social enigma is of course HQ. Created by the founders of Vine, the app that brought us the infamous La-brawn James, HQ offers a free trivia quiz two times a day where people have to correctly answer 12 consecutive questions on various topics. All those who manage to successfully answer every question split the prize money amongst themselves. Hosted by the charismatic Scott, HQ has taken over Scarsdale High School. “I think many kids in Scarsdale like the competition of who can get furthest in the questions” explained Livi Breitkopf ‘19. However, many teens choose to put their competitive nature aside and work together. “I play with my family and friends because there is a greater chance someone knows the answer,” claims Jonah Schneider ‘19. Only time will tell when this craze will fade, as it inevitably will. The great stuff bought by HQ prize money, however, will last forever.