School Government Elections: Meet the Candidates

Carly Kessler

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Every year, all members of the Scarsdale High School community, both teachers and students alike, participate in student government elections. This year, three different candidates are running for president. While each of them are different in their own ways, all three are dedicated members of the school who hope to ameliorate the stress levels and allow the high school to offer us the best experiences possible. The three candidates are Izzy Riback ’19, Ezra Levine ’19, and Amanda Glik ’19.


Izzy decided to run for president because throughout her years at SHS, she has been interested in the idea of power being in the hands of the students. “I believe a lot of the principles of our school are based off of what the PTA has agreed to, and as president, I would have the opportunity to reinforce the ideas and opinions that our student body has,” remarked Riback. While Izzy has many ideas for the improvement of SHS, her main proposal is an increase in school spirit. If students are engaged and enthusiastic, Izzy believes that the overall aura of the school will be more positive, and the resulting experiences will be looked upon more fondly. Outside of school, the candidate is on the soccer team and loves to play the piano. Her skills in music and sports are matched with her great personal strength, which is to advocate for herself and others.



Ezra is running for president because he feels as though he is able to make a change to our school. “SHS has given me a lot of stress for a long time, and I know that’s true of a lot of others. I think I’ve always liked helping people, and I know if I became president it would be the best way to both mitigate the stress of high school while helping the most amount of people,” commented Levine. Ezra’s main goal would be to change the schedule, because he believes that it ties into a larger issue: “the issue of transparency between the teachers and students.” Ezra hopes to fix the ongoing feeling of student voices never feeling heard. Ezra considers himself to be someone who enjoys helping people, and who loves pushing himself. Ezra was unsuccessful in last year’s election, however, his tenacity and perseverance brought him back again this year.



Amanda is running for president because for the past year, she has been very involved in the student government. If elected, Amanda hopes to be more public about what the government does, because behind the scenes, she is working very hard. “Being in government is my passion,” stated Glik, “I know it sounds cliche, but I feel really good when I help people. I am running for president because I would be a great person to represent and advocate for the students at this school.” Amanda promises to listen and take in suggestions from students who also want to make a change within the school. She has already started this by asking people about their opinions on the new schedule and how it affects their wellness! Outside of school, Amanda plays field hockey and loves to read. She also loves playing the piano and watching The Office on Netflix. Amanda considers herself to be a strong advocate for the things about which she is passionate, which would make her, as well as the other two candidates, an excellent president.


Happy voting!!