iPhone X Review

Lucy Brenner

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As the annual Apple tech announcement approached, rumors swirled regarding the new iPhone and the possibilities of its design and features.  However, nothing could have prepared the masses for the technological innovation that is the iPhone X.  The groundbreaking new iPhone lived up to people’s high expectations as its design exceeded anything Apple had ever produced before. 

Countless people eagerly awaited the new phone’s release.  When the day finally arrived, many stayed awake past midnight to order the widely desired product.  Apple even stated that the number of orders was “off the charts.”

Some of the most intriguing new features include the facial recognition technology, the all-glass layout, the Animojis, the wireless charging and the water resistance.  The Face ID system allows users to open their phone without a passcode as the device recognizes the owner’s face.  Although the majority supported this new feature, many were sceptical of the all-glass screen display. Since the front and back of the phone are covered in durable glass, the iconic Apple home button is missing.  “It took a while to get used to having no home button, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. It seems like such a small change to get rid of a button, but that’s probably the biggest change in my opinion” shared iPhone X owner Alison Chan ’20.

Despite the phone’s many inventive characteristics, many still critique its design and practicality.  Some already have found loopholes in the Face ID system, and there have been several accounts of the highly durable glass design cracking after just a single drop.  “I just wish there were more colors to choose from, because right now the only colors Apple offers are white and black,” added Chan.  

However, the iPhone X has received a primarily positive response, and its advancements are stunning.  Those who remember the release of the first iPhone in 2007 are bewildered by the extreme technological growth that has occurred in a single decade.  We can only imagine what the 2027 iPhone will look like.