Hurricane Relief Dinner

Lauren Zou

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On Monday, November 6th the student government hosted a dinner from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The dinner was held in order to raise money for the recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas. In order to attend the dinner, a $20 ticket was required to be purchased. The student government ultimately raised nearly 9000 dollars, all of which was donated to the American Red Cross.

The dinner was hosted in the cafeteria at SHS. There was a huge feast of food donated from the PTA. Almost 15 restaurants and bakeries, including Yeomiji, The Irish Bank, and Jade Spoon, catered for the dinner. There was also live music at the dinner thanks to four freshmen: Emmett Goldstein, Emily Hansen, Yurami Van Eer, and Simran Ruta. In addition to the dinner, there was a spikeball tournament, costing $10 per team of two, hosted in the gyms in which all proceeds went to hurricane relief as well. “It ended up being a very successful dinner with almost 200 people in attendance,” Ben Sawyer commented.