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Music was blasting on Saturday, October 28th in room 209 as students made salsa during the 8th annual Salsa-thon, hosted by the Scarsdale High School Garden Club. Students were able to make salsas using vegetables from the Scarsdale High School garden, such as tomatoes and peppers. “We grow about 1,500 pounds, sometimes 2,000 pounds of food every year that we donate,” said SHS English teacher, Margaret Favretti. Funds from the event will go towards the purchasing of new seeds for next year’s crops.

Before the Salsa-thon, Garden Club members had to plant and harvest the produce, as well as prepare the garden for winter. “We’ve been preparing for about a month. We had to harvest tomatoes and peppers, and prepare the garden for winter. Even though we are still harvesting, the frost will come soon, and that will kill many plants,” said co-president of the Garden Club, Shamika Dhuri ’19. The Salsa-thon was supposed to take place a week earlier, but the weather this year led to the event being pushed back. “The Salsa-thon was originally on the 21st, but we had to change the date this year because of harvesting dates. The vegetables this year were not ripe enough,” said Dhuri.

The event was a great success, and over 20 half-pints of salsa were made. This week, the Garden Club will be selling homemade salsas to students and staff. Mild, medium, and hot salsas will be sold for five dollars. All proceeds will go towards seeds for the garden, and the food grown is donated to local food banks. To join the Garden Club, attend one of the meetings in room 209 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during seventh period, or stop by the Garden Club homeroom, which is in room 3N6.