Student Spotlight: Bruno Tassari

Ali Rothberg

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Bruno Tassari ‘19 is captain of this year’s cross country team as a junior. Also part of the track team, Tassari has been running for 5 years now, and more intensely since 8th grade. As captain, Bruno’s responsibilities to the team have grown this year, as he works to motivate his teammates and be a role model during all of their training. “Running, especially long distance like cross country, is a difficult sport that takes persistence and effort to keep going even when your body begins to give up on you. So I work hard alongside my teammates, make sure people do their workouts, and encourage them when they begin fading.” Tassari explained. This communal drive to succeed is not unique to his captainship, but something that has always been a part of the team dynamic. “We also want to enjoy ourselves and I look to make everyone comfortable while also getting to know all runners, especially newcomers,” he elaborated. This year alone, Tassari won the White Plain Memorial Day 5K of 2017, and the Warwick and Fred Gressler JV raves. He also helped the team to varsity victories. Tassari explained that he loves the challenge that every meet brings. In the future, the team is preparing for the Scarsdale Invitation and their League Meet, both this October. The team hopes to collectively win those two races, and eventually qualify for States. “To prepare for these races we are always focusing on our workouts, of course, but outside of practice I’m always stretching and rolling my muscles out as well as eating healthily and getting necessary sleep,” he concluded.`