“It” Movie Review

Lauren Zou

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Legend says he comes out every 27 years, lurking in the damp sewers and looking for some scrumptious children to terrorize. Pennywise the Dancing Clown has made his return; he came out from hiding to enter theaters in 2017, 27 years after the mini-series in 1990. “It” is a murderous clown who torments the children of Derry, kidnapping them and torturing them with visions of what they fear most. He uses the massive system of pipes underground to lure children and ambush them. Pennywise first comes out of his hibernation to attack Georgie, a young kid only looking to play in the rain, and drags him into the sewers. Georgie’s brother, Bill, vows to find Georgie and, with the help of his friends, uncovers the truth about the clown and its odd appearances throughout history’s tragic events. At first I was horrified by the idea of even watching the trailer for It (let’s be honest: we all were), but due to the relentless hype it received by my friends and social media, I felt the utter need to follow through. And I can say this with absolute confidence: it was amazing! The digital effects were incredible, especially how they made Pennywise’s eyes glow so brightly in even the darkest of places. Although the movie had so many jumpscares to the point that I almost launched into the ceiling, It was speckled with plenty moments of comedic relief. “I thought the actors did a magnificent job portraying their characters. The clown was horrific and terrifying,” Magan Chin ’20 observed. Bill Skarsgård, the actor who played Pennywise, was truly petrifying; his silly yet demonic clown voice sent shivers down my spine and his threatening facial expressions were on point. The kids also portrayed the losers and rejects of Derry perfectly as they band together to fight “It.” While the movie itself and the attention to detail was impressive, the actual storytelling wasn’t as frightening as it was advertised to be. “It wasn’t as scary as a I thought it would be. The trailer overemphasized the scary parts, so the actual movie was a little deceiving,” Sara Bali ’20 also admitted. Other than this factor, I truly enjoyed watching it, the plot and characters were amazing and, fortunately, I didn’t spot a single killer clown in the audience.