SHS Students Help with Hurricane Relief

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SHS Students Help with Hurricane Relief

David Peng

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In the past month, several hurricanes have brought historical destruction and devastation to parts of the South in the United States and the Caribbean Islands. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have impacted millions of people and dozens of nations.

Small island nations, such as Barbuda and St. Martin, had 90% of their structures damaged or wiped out completely. In the United States, Texas and Florida were bashed by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the states now find themselves with contaminated floodwater. Most recently, Puerto Rico found itself largely without electricity and also facing the possible collapse of a large dam.

Out of 5 possible levels, all three major hurricanes were category 4 or higher. Together, the hurricanes costed billions of dollars of repair for the Caribbean Islands and the United States. Many regional businesses also paused operations, so local economies will also take time to recover.

The impact of the hurricanes have reached far beyond the areas directly hit. “I was horrified to learn about how many people and places were affected. The picture that struck me most was seeing a picture of a nursing home flooded with water in Texas. Many people in wheelchairs were soaked up to their waists and were stuck. I knew immediately that our club should help.” said Sophie Cammarata ’18, officer and treasurer of the Red Cross Club.

The Red Cross Club is one of the groups at Scarsdale High School that is taking action to raise money for hurricane relief. The Red Cross Club recently hosted a bake sale, raising about $100. Members of the club are brainstorming for more fundraising ideas. “We are working on hosting a flywheel event, a local popular cycling class, and all proceeds will go towards helping the victims. We are also donating a portion of our saved money in our account from past events,” explained Cammarata. They give their raised money to a larger division of the Red Cross who will then make the decision of who/where specifically to send money and supplies to.

Another group, the 2020 sophomore class government, plans on hosting a spikeball tournament. “[We are] charging $10 per team entry. All proceeds will be donated towards hurricane relief,” explained Kelly Kim ’18, a sophomore house representative. The date of the tournament has not been decided, but will be announced by the student government once they have the details set.

New York has had its own hurricane experience in the past. In 2013, Scarsdale and many other places along the East Coast were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Not everyone was severely affected, but the experience can help us relate to the victims of the recent hurricanes. “I remember how horribly Sandy affected my neighbors when a tree fell on their house and split it in half. I realized how easily an event like this could have affected my family, and saw how it damaged my neighbors’ everyday lives,” recounted Cammarata. And, Hurricane Sandy’s damage was far less serious than those of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. “Though no hurricanes have directly affected me and my family, it’s still difficult to see other families having to suffer because of them,” said Kim.

As the impact and damage made by the hurricanes continues to grow, it is important to remember that we can provide much-needed aid and support. “The best way for us to help is to donate money and supplies to the families in need,” stated Kim.

To help with hurricane relief, visit or try doing a little of your own research on what groups to donate to.