Meet the Captains // Girls’ Swimming

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As the next sports season approaches, new teams will be configured, as well as new team captains will try to rise to the challenge of leading their team to victory. Now, you can check in with the captains of the 2017 Girls’ Swimming team:

  • Natalie Isak ’18: “All the girls this year are very supportive and talented, and there is a great team dynamic. There is a perfect balance of spirit and talent, and we can’t wait to see that translate into a great season!”
  • Nicole Silberberg ’18: “I’m so excited for Swim this year. We have an amazing team, and everyone is so spirited and full of energy. It’s great to see all the girls becoming such good friends. I know with all this talent and enthusiasm we are going to have a great season!”
  • Sydney Vleck ’18: “We have an amazing team this year, with a lot of really fast freshmen who are on the team for the first time. We are looking forward to sending multiple people to States, winning lots of meets, and having fun!”