Young Democrats Start Up Club

Max Yang

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On March 15th, the Young Democrats Club had their first meeting. The meeting was extremely successful, with over forty students showing up. The goal of this club is to help our community to understand and discuss issues that are prevalent in today’s society, like the American Health Care Act (a.k.a. Trumpcare).

Over the summer, Jack Waxman ’18, founder and president of the Young Democrats Club worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign where he met Sarah Schuman, the co-chair of the High School Democrats of America of New York State. Waxman was inspired to start the club after she approached him and he felt like there was enough interest in the Scarsdale student body to develop a club, so he started it with Matt Greenberg ’18, Eashan Panjwani ’18, Anna Rubin ’18, Blake Goldstein ’18.

The club has many plans for the future. Waxman believes that while it is great to talk about issues, actually doing something and helping the community will be beneficial. “We plan on doing a voter registration in the spring and we are going to volunteer for local democratic candidates,” said Waxman. The club has also contacted a guest speaker, Andreas Stuart-Cousin, a New York State Senator and there is a high chance that she will come to the club and speak with them. The club is very successful and actively recruiting new members.

The Young Democrats Club has meetings on the first Wednesday of every month in room 1N7. The club will also have a booth in the Carnival where they will be available to talk.