Meet the Captains // Girls’ Lacrosse

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As the next sports season approaches, new teams will be configured, as well as new team captains will try to rise to the challenge of leading their team to victory. Now, you can check in with the captains of the 2017 Girls’ Lacrosse team:

  • Jilly Mehlman ’17: Hi! I am looking forward to my last season with my younger sister Aliza ’19 because we have been on three varsity sports teams together for the past two years. We spend so much time with one another and I can’t wait to share lacrosse with her before I go to college. I hope our team capitalizes on our athleticism and speed to beat opponents that we had trouble with last year such as Bronxville. I feel that last season ended on a very high note for me and I am looking forward to extending that as well.
  • Erin Nicholas ’17: Hey! I am looking forward to finding out our teams and building on the relationships we formed last spring. I can’t wait for this season because we have a great group of people and a talented group of lacrosse players. I hope we play up to our potential and really make a good run during playoffs. I’m so excited to be able to have one last season with such an amazing team.
  • Emma Coleman ’17: I’m looking forward to bringing new players on the team and helping them improve. I hope to have a very  successful season since we are expected to be very good this year.
  • Angie Burns ’17: I’m really looking forward to this season because we are such a close-knit team. We have so many talented players on this team, so I am hoping we have a long and exciting season!