NYC March Towards the Future

Samantha Thurm

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On 1/21/17 over 250,000 New Yorkers and I protested on 42nd street for women’s rights along with countless others in other major cities globally. I went with four of my friends and all of our moms to the city ready to march and protest. Even after initially arriving in Grand Central, we saw groups of people with posters and hats who were eager to participate in some way. The march started at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza where the crowd was already filled with enthusiasm, chants, and signs. Among the Organizers of the march underestimated the number of those who would show up to support women’s rights, and I soon found myself stuck among a sea of strangers, unable to move in any direction. The march was delayed and we were frozen in place waiting for it to begin for over two hours. Despite the wait, the protestors never lost their spirits, and screams and chants could still be heard throughout the streets. Although I ended up only walking two blocks, I was profoundly enthusiastic that I got to attend my first protest ever. I had never been with so many people so passionate about something in my life. Many mothers stood hand in hand with their daughters, hoping to spark inspiration in the young women of tomorrow to fight for what they believe in. Overall, I had an extremely empowering experience and the Women’s March and hope to continue to be an active citizen in the future.