Group Chat Grief

Photo Credit: jagrs, Flickr

Photo Credit: jagrs, Flickr

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Whenever I try and talk to my friends in the group chat, my responses are never really responded to, and rarely do they pay much attention to me, it’s like they all know to ignore me. It’s not as easy to just exiting the chat, what should I do to get their attention or let them know I’m being neglected in the group chat?

Group chats are overall not the best way to communicate. I often feel there is usually many different conversations going on at the same time and not everyone is heard. You are not alone and I feel as though a lot of people feel unheard in group chats. I think the best way to show how you feel is to talk to one or two of your closest friends separately. I would not text because sometimes messages are misunderstood when written. I would talk to friends who you trust over facetime or in person and explain how you feel that you are unheard in the group chat and do not know why. I would just keep in mind that group chats are hard because there are a lot of people in them and not everyone always checks all the messages. Try talking to people separately and hopefully you will get your message across better.


Xoxo, Autumn