Time Management Mayhem

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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How do I manage my time better? I stay up all night and barely sleep.. how do I cope with the stress of SHS and still maintain a social life??? Help plz.

Time management is definitely a skill that takes time to develop. One way to deal with time management is to make a to do list. By writing out everything that needs to be done and how long you think each task will take, you will be able to see what needs to be done and then tackle each task. Also, I would always first do homework assignments due the next day, then do any studying that needs to be done, then do work that is due later in the week or month. Another way to deal with time management is to not expect yourself to work for hours straight without breaks. Set goals of what you want to be done, and make sure to set times for breaks. During breaks it is good to workout or just relax. Also, time your breaks so you know that you are not wasting time, but rather letting your brain relax for a little.

For your second question, mainly just do not stress! I know this sounds ridiculous because you will always stress, but wasting time stressing instead of just doing work is pointless. Also, know it is ok to go out. On a Saturday, you can not expect yourself to work the whole day from when you wake up to when you go to bed. I think that it is important to go out at least one night per weekend, or hang out with friends one day of your weekend. No one can possibly have so much work that they cannot go out Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! Even with extra curriculars, you should have enough time to go out. I would not go out on weekdays, and save time for friends on weekends. Maybe on weekends take less breaks in order to get your homework done and have time to go out. Overall, no one should work all three days of the weekend, so take at least a few hours to go out and have fun! You deserve it.

Xoxo, Autumn