Grease Review

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On Friday, November 18th, the Drama Club took the stage in the SHS auditorium to perform the 1978 musical, Grease. They went on to perform twice more on Saturday and Sunday. With the help of director Ms. Barbara Malecki, SHS performing arts and English teacher, and musical director Mr. John Cuk, SHS Chorus teacher, the Drama Club was able to triumphantly produce a well-casted, well-rehearsed and well-performed show. The curtains open with an energetic cast singing “Grease is the Word” and an intrigued audience patiently awaiting the thrilling story about to be unraveled. Robby Chappell ’17 and Sophie Roth ’18 captivated the audience with their rendition of “Summer Days” as Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski. Sofus Rose ’17 as Doody, Matthew Kutzin ’19 as Kenickie, Craig Carroll ’20 as Roger and Gabriel Lesser ’20 as Sonny were phenomenal as Danny’s entourage. Kutzin captured Kenickie’s essence perfectly in his performance of “Grease Lightning.” Pink Ladies, Morgan Cochrane ’17, Camila Tardiff ’18, Alexa Trujillo ’18 and Jenna Orrico ’18 nailed their portrayal of their characters. Tardif as Jan and Carroll blasted waves of laughter among the crowd while Cochrane, playing Marty, supplied chills with her sensational singing. Trujillo’s acting and singing was impeccable in her portrayal of Frenchy. Not only did Orrico star as Rizzo, she also produced the play along with Ellis Jones ’17. SMS Chorus Teacher, Mr. Daniel Boniello, descended from heaven to make a guest appearance as the teen angel to perform “Beauty School Dropout.” Gabby Kaufman ’18 was outstanding in her role as Patty Simcox. Her energy vibrated throughout the auditorium. The chorus and background dancers fueled the vivacity in the room. Overall, the Drama Club put a plentiful amount of time and energy into assembling another fabulous play, and their work truly paid off.

by: Lena Glickman




photo credit to : Morgan Cochrane