Kelly Levine, Class of 2017

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Kelly Levine, Class of 2017

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Dear Donald Trump,

Hello! I can say for certain that you do not know me, you certainly have never seen my face or any face that looks like mine in a crowd. Our paths may have crossed for a brief second, maybe your limo drove past my house, or maybe you saw me as a speck from your tall tower. Point is, you don’t know me and to be frank, I don’t know you either. I don’t know about your political goals or the real truth behind your actions. You slither in and out of different beliefs. You wear them like a coat and then discard them for the newer edition.

I don’t know you personally. This could all be a ruse, constructed to fool middle America. If so, bravo! You possibly proved yourself to be smarter than every Harvard educated lawyer. Most people would turn their nose up at the “white trash” of this country, but you knew better didn’t you Donald? To appeal to the majority we didn’t even know existed is the most brilliant political move in decades.

Now that I’ve buttered you up with your favorite thing in the world… Yourself. I’m going to shift focus, to me. I’m a woman in case you didn’t know. The gender you have insulted, persecuted and belittled for two years. I have Muslim, Mexican, and LGBTQ friends. I am basically your worst nightmare. But I want to ask you to take a journey with me. To travel back in time to a night I and you will never forget.

The Javits Center was going to be the moment where women broke through that final (and literal) glass ceiling. The energy in there was such of excitement and possibility. I showed up with a big smile on my face. We cheered for Hillary and her speakers. To be a woman in a situation where nothing was impossible is a feeling you can never feel. Everything is possible for you Donald. This just isn’t because you are a white male, your money has given you the opportunity to be anything you wanted. This isn’t your fault, you didn’t choose to be born rich. But you cannot ever pretend to understand this plight. To worry anxiously every night about college debt, or if there was enough for food on the table. You will never know what that is.

As I watched women around me’s hope dissipate into nervousness and that nervousness explode into despair I can tell you that it will never be something I will forget. The image of women sobbing and holding each other for fear of your very presidency is something that should worry you.
They cry because they know what you say about them. They cry because they fear they will never have this chance again. They cry because even after working twice as hard they still fail.
I was one of those women. I locked myself in a bathroom and sobbed my heart out as I called my many friends with last condolences before the end of the world. Do you understand how ridiculous that is? To fear you so much as to treat it like the end of all days? Doesn’t that upset you? Doesn’t that make you look at yourself with some insight?

This isn’t about what you will and won’t do Donald. In all honesty, I think your not as conservative as you let on. However, the message that this sends is catastrophic. All little boys today learned that you can say whatever you want about women and win. That you can say whatever you want about minorities and win. That you can be vicious, cruel, and spiteful… And guess what? You’ll still win.

I want you to think about those crying women every time you elect a justice. I want you to think about those crying women every time you mention the word “pussy” ever again. I want you to think about those crying women when you look at your daughter. I want you to think about those crying women every time you rip a mother away from her child.

Think about these women Donald. Think about us. You claim yourself to be a president for all Americans. So I implore you… Please don’t be the man we all think you are.

Sincerely yours,
A Woman Living in your America


Edit** The next morning…

After having time to grieve for the lost loved one that is America I’ve reflected this past day on my place in this country. Do I move to Canada? Do I hightail over to Europe? Do I put my hands over my ears and try to drown out the noise of the next four years?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. As tempting as Justin Trudeau’s strong Canadian arms are it is not in my duty to leave. As an American, I must stay and fight for my country. I’ve never hated America as much as I do now. America’s deep racism, sexism, and prejudice reared its ugly head in the worst (and orange) way on November 8th. I felt betrayed, how could a country that I’ve been a part of for 17 years do this to me? How could they do this to women, Immigrants, Muslims, and the LGBTQ community? 

Because they don’t care. It is that simple. They care more about themselves and their financial issues than they care about the social. It is fair, I suppose. The back(white)lash has been building in this country for decades. The lack of jobs and the division in our country is a serious issue. It’s an issue I can understand people being passionate about. However, just like how they were left behind in previous elections WE are now the ones left behind.

Like how I said I never hated America more than I do now I can also say I have never loved it more than I do now. The people who have banded together in unity in the aftermath of such division are the reason I am going to stay and fight. I will fight for LGBTQ’s, Muslims, Immigrants, and women. I will be Trump’s #1 watchdog and critic if I have to. I will send letters to him, emails, and everything I can to get his attention. I will assist fundraisers, organizations, and candidates that will help us all survive. I will be there in 2018 for midterms and 2020 for the next election. I will not sit down and be complacent.

Donald Trump has not struck us down. If anything, he has given us more incentive to fight. Get involved, do not let his victory paralyze you. We must rise up like the tide and show him that we are not to be left in the dust. Do not let the Trump Presidency destroy us.

And to Mr. Trump, please focus on what you set out to do and help the people that believed in you. They want jobs, they want opportunities, provide them with that. Do not make us the enemy when you can be more attentive to your friends.