Diamond Hueston, Class of 2017

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This is an open letter that I wrote yesterday to America about my day and how it made feel:

First I cried, I cried a lot. I cried for the little kids that couldn’t understand how a “bully” was elected our next president. Next, I cried for the kids that worried they would be forced out of the one country they call home. Finally, I decided that my tears would change nothing and I made a plan to go about my day as “normal” as possible.
In doing so,I remained optimistic and coped with our unchangeable future. This was until I was told to “leave this country” by none other then a rich white male. Why? Because I was in opposition to his “build that wall” views, among others. I am aware that I am a privileged, black, young woman and have never been more proud of this. However, my privilege falls short to those of a white man. I grew up being taught that I could be and do anything I wanted. Today was the first time I questioned that.
“America” used to mean so much to me; now it means almost nothing. This so called “land of the free and the home of the brave” is now filled with people that are scared more than ever. Freedom for all is a virtue that makes this country unique. Now, the word freedom is defined differently by race, gender and income. The words “Make America Great Again” and “Let’s take back our country” were on repeat in my head today. How America, how could you let this happen?
What time period was so great that it requires a return? Was it 1848-1920 when women had no rights? Or was it between the years of slavery and segregation? I’d like to know who you are “taking back “your” country from? America was stolen from the Natives and was built from the ground up by immigrants. America was built on the bones of the Native Americans, the bones of the slaves, the bones of the hispanics, and the bones of those who gave their lives just to be heard. I used to believe that my possibilities in life were limitless, but today I had woken up to a different reality. I realize that the year 2016 means nothing more to many people in this country than the year 1619. The eight years of history and progression our country just experienced under Obama will be pushed back by the next four years of hatred, sexism, and fear. I am not only black but I am a woman who woke up today and felt unwanted in the only country I have ever known as my home. My first reaction was to respond with violence , but I now understand and admire more than ever before the peaceful high road that Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and so many others before me had to take. To my fellow black/ African Americans, Hispanic, LGBTQ members, Muslims, and anyone else who feels oppressed by society right now all I can say is I pray for a better day.
The intent of this message is not to bring about hate towards white men or republicans, but rather my expression that I can no longer support a country that claims to be founded on democracy, yet supports a man who promotes rape, racism and bigotry. I refuse to remain silent and remain in fear of the future. Now is the time for change to ensure our children can grow up in a world where they never have to feel pain like I did today. A world where they can take pride in their country with out doubting how their country feels about them. A world where everyone can be united and not divided!

*Posted originally on Facebook